Churches in Longview, TX

Abundant Life Ministries (Longview, TX)?
Alpine Presbyterian Church (Longview, TX)Presbyterian?
Berean Baptist Church (Longview, TX)Baptist?
Bethel Baptist Church (Longview, TX)Baptist?
Bethel Missionary Baptist Church (Longview, TX)Baptist?
Bethel Temple of Longview (Longview, TX)?
Bibleway Baptist Church (Longview, TX)Baptist?
Brookwood Bible Chapel (Longview, TX)?
Calvary Baptist Church (Longview, TX)Baptist?
Calvary Christian Tabernacle (Longview, TX)?
Camille Acres Baptist Church (Longview, TX)Baptist?
Centre Presbyterian Church (Longview, TX)Presbyterian?
Centro Christiano El Siloe (Longview, TX)?
Chalk Hill Assembly of God (Longview, TX)Assemblies of God?
Christ’s Church (Longview, TX)?
Christian & Missionary Alliance Church 2 (Longview, TX)?
Christian and Missionary Alliance Church (Longview, TX)?
Christthe King Presbyterian Church (Longview, TX)Presbyterian?
Church at Grace Creek (Longview, TX)?
Church in the Wind (Longview, TX)?
Church of Christ Reel Road (Longview, TX)?
Church of Christ-Judson Road (Longview, TX)?
Churchhill at Longview (Longview, TX)?
Community Church of God (Longview, TX)?
Cornerstone Baptist Church (Longview, TX)Baptist?
Crawford George B Dr (Longview, TX)?
Crossroads Community Church (Longview, TX)?
Crossroads Community Church 2 (Longview, TX)?
Cumberland Pine Tree Presbyterian Church (Longview, TX)Presbyterian?
Dallas District-Church of The Nazarene (Longview, TX)Church of the Nazarene?
Dayspring Baptist Church (Longview, TX)Baptist?
Diana United Methodist Church (Longview, TX)United Methodist Church?
Dove Christian Church (Longview, TX)?
East Cotton Street Church of Christ (Longview, TX)?
East Mountain Baptist Church (Longview, TX)Baptist?
East Side Christian Church (Longview, TX)?
El Cavario Rio (Longview, TX)?
El Cavario Rio Tabernaculo Upci (Longview, TX)?
Emanuel Lane Baptist Mission (Longview, TX)Baptist?
Evergreen Presbyterian Ministries (Longview, TX)Presbyterian?
Faith Baptist Church (Longview, TX)Baptist?
Fellowship Baptist Church (Longview, TX)Baptist?
Fellowship Bible Church (Longview, TX)?
Fellowship Church of God in in Christ (Longview, TX)?
Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church (Longview, TX)Baptist?
First Apostolic Church of Longview (Longview, TX)Pentecostal?
First Assembly of God Church (Longview, TX)
First Baptist Church 2 (Longview, TX)Baptist?
First Baptist Church Longview (Longview, TX)Baptist?
First Baptist Church of Judson (Longview, TX)Baptist?
First Christian Church (Longview, TX)?
First Church of God (Longview, TX)?
First Cumberland Presbyterian Church (Longview, TX)Presbyterian?
First Lutheran Church ELCA (Longview, TX)Evangelical Lutheran Church in America?
First Presbyterian Church (Longview, TX)Presbyterian?
First United Pentecostal Church (Longview, TX)Pentecostal?
Flamingo Park Baptist Chapel (Longview, TX)Baptist?
Flamingo Park Baptist Church (Longview, TX)Baptist?
Fleming Street Church of Christ (Longview, TX)?
Forest Hill Baptist Church (Longview, TX)Baptist?
Forest Hills Baptist Church (Longview, TX)Baptist?
Fredonia Baptist Church (Longview, TX)Baptist?
Friendship Baptist Church (Longview, TX)Baptist?
Full Gospel Holy Temple Church (Longview, TX)
Galilee Baptist Church (Longview, TX)
Gideon Living Memorial Bible Plan (Longview, TX)?
Golden Hill Missionary Baptist Church (Longview, TX)Baptist?
Good News Revival Center (Longview, TX)?
Grace Brethren Church (Longview, TX)?
Grace Fellowship Assemblies of God (Longview, TX)Assemblies of God?
Greater East Texas Baptist Association (Longview, TX)Baptist?
Greater Faith Temple of COGIC (Longview, TX)Church of God in Christ?
Greater Mount Gideon Baptist Church (Longview, TX)
Green Street Baptist Church (Longview, TX)Baptist?
Greggton Church of Christ (Longview, TX)?
Greggton First Baptist Church (Longview, TX)Baptist?
Greggton Missionary Baptist Church (Longview, TX)Baptist?
Greggton Missionary Baptist Church 2 (Longview, TX)Baptist?
Greggton United Methodist Church (Longview, TX)United Methodist Church?
Growing Valley Baptist Church (Longview, TX)Baptist?
Gum Springs Christian Church (Longview, TX)?
Harris Chapel Church of Christ (Longview, TX)?
Harrison Street Church of Christ (Longview, TX)?
Hayter Chappell Bethlehem Church of God and Christ (Longview, TX)?
Hebron Missionary Baptist Church (Longview, TX)Baptist?
Henry’s Chapel United Methodist Church (Longview, TX)United Methodist Church?
Hiway 80 Rescue Mission (Longview, TX)?
Holy Trinity First Congregational (Longview, TX)?
Hope Community Church (Longview, TX)?
House of Prayer for All People (Longview, TX)?
Hughes Chapel Christian Methodist Episcopal Church (Longview, TX)Christian Methodist Episcopal Church?
Hughes Chapel Christian Methodist Episcopal Church 2 (Longview, TX)Christian Methodist Episcopal Church?
Jay Valley Baptist Church (Longview, TX)Baptist?
Jerusalem Baptist Church (Longview, TX)
Judson Community Baptist Church (Longview, TX)Baptist?
Kregel Jon Ministries (Longview, TX)?
Lakeport Church of Christ (Longview, TX)?
Lakeview Baptist Church (Longview, TX)Baptist?
Lawson J L Jr Bishop (Longview, TX)?
Lewis Chapel Church (Longview, TX)?
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