Churches in Madison, IN

Apostolic Life Tabernacle Church (Madison, IN)Pentecostal?
Broadway Second Baptist Church (Madison, IN)Baptist?
Calvary Baptist Church SBC (Madison, IN)Southern Baptist?
Calvary Wesleyan Church (Madison, IN)?
Canaan Mennonite Chapel (Madison, IN)Mennonites?
Christ Apostle Ministries (Madison, IN)?
Christ Episcopal Church (Madison, IN)Episcopal?
Church of Christ (Madison, IN)?
Church of the Nazarene-First (Madison, IN)Church of the Nazarene?
Concord Wesleyan Church (Madison, IN)?
Faith Alliance Church (Madison, IN)?
Faith Covenant Church (Madison, IN)?
First Assembly of God Church (Madison, IN)Assemblies of God?
First Baptist Church (Madison, IN)Baptist?
First Christian Church (Madison, IN)?
Good Samaritan (Madison, IN)?
Grace Fellowship Church (Madison, IN)?
Grace Fellowship Church 2 (Madison, IN)?
Green Road Baptist Church (Madison, IN)Baptist?
Hebron Baptist Church (Madison, IN)Baptist?
Hopewell Baptist Church (Madison, IN)Baptist?
Kent Christian Church (Madison, IN)?
Kent United Methodist Church (Madison, IN)
Liberty Christian Church (Madison, IN)?
Madison First Federal Savings & Loan Association (Madison, IN)?
Madison First Federal Savings & Loan Association 2 (Madison, IN)?
Madison First Federal Savings and Loan Association 3 (Madison, IN)?
Madison Mennonite Fellowship (Madison, IN)Mennonites?
Madison New Testament Church (Madison, IN)?
Madison New Testament Church 2 (Madison, IN)?
Madison Pentecostal Church Upci (Madison, IN)Pentecostal?
Madison Presbyterian Church (Madison, IN)Presbyterian?
Madison United Methodist (Madison, IN)Methodist?
Manville Christian Church (Madison, IN)?
North United Methodist Church (Madison, IN)United Methodist Church?
Prince of Peace Catholic Church (Madison, IN)Catholic?
Resurrection Lutheran Church (Madison, IN)Lutheran?
Resurrection Lutheran Church ELCA (Madison, IN)Evangelical Lutheran Church in America?
Rykers Ridge Baptist Church (Madison, IN)Baptist?
Seventh Day Adventist Church (Madison, IN)Seventh day Adventist?
Shephards of Christ Ministries (Madison, IN)?
St John’s United Church of Christ (Madison, IN)United Church of Christ?
Trinity United Methodist Church (Madison, IN)United Methodist Church?
Westfork Baptist Church (Madison, IN)Baptist?
WIRT Baptist Church (Madison, IN)Baptist?

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