Churches in Mcminnville, OR

Abundant Life Pentecostal Church (Mcminnville, OR)Pentecostal?
Adventure Christian Church (Mcminnville, OR)?
Adventure Christian Church 2 (Mcminnville, OR)
Bethel Baptist Church (Mcminnville, OR)Baptist?
Calvary Chapel of Mcminnville (Mcminnville, OR)Calvary Chapel?
Church of Christ McMinnville (Mcminnville, OR)?
Church of Christ Valley (Mcminnville, OR)?
Church On The Hill (Mcminnville, OR)?
Creekside Community Church (Mcminnville, OR)?
First Assembly of God Church (Mcminnville, OR)Assemblies of God?
First Baptist Church (Mcminnville, OR)Baptist?
First Christian Church (Mcminnville, OR)?
First Mennonite Church (Mcminnville, OR)Mennonites?
First Presbyterian Church (Mcminnville, OR)Presbyterian?
Good Shepherd Church (Mcminnville, OR)?
Mc Minnville Spanish SDA Church (Mcminnville, OR)?
McMinnville Covenant Church (Mcminnville, OR)?
McMinnville Foursquare Church (Mcminnville, OR)?
McMinnville SDA Church (Mcminnville, OR)?
McMinnville Spanish Seventh Day Adventist Church (Mcminnville, OR)Seventh day Adventist?
McMinnville United Methodist Church (Mcminnville, OR)United Methodist Church?
New Horizons Church (Mcminnville, OR)?
Northwest Community Church (Mcminnville, OR)?
Potter’s House (Mcminnville, OR)?
Saint James Catholic Church (Mcminnville, OR)Catholic?
Seventh-Day Adventist Church of McMinnville (Mcminnville, OR)?
Seventh-Day Adventist Church of McMinnville 2 (Mcminnville, OR)?
St Barnabas Episcopal Church (Mcminnville, OR)Episcopal?
Sunrise Church (Mcminnville, OR)
Trinity Lutheran Church (Mcminnville, OR)Lutheran?
Trinity Lutheran Church 2 (Mcminnville, OR)Lutheran?
Trinity Lutheran Church-Elca (Mcminnville, OR)Evangelical Lutheran Church in America?
True Vine Christian Center (Mcminnville, OR)?
True Vine Christian Fellowship (Mcminnville, OR)?
United Methodist Church (Mcminnville, OR)United Methodist Church?
Valley Baptist Church (Mcminnville, OR)Baptist?

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