Churches in Middletown, NY

Agape Love Prayer Tabernacle (Middletown, NY)?
Alliance Church of Middletown (Middletown, NY)?
Alliance Church of Middletown 2 (Middletown, NY)?
Bharatiya Mandir (Middletown, NY)?
Christian Faith Fellowship (Middletown, NY)?
Christian Faith Fellowship 2 (Middletown, NY)?
Church of The Lord Jesus Christ of The Apostolic Faith (Middletown, NY)Pentecostal?
Cornerstone Baptist Church (Middletown, NY)Baptist?
Coy Temple Bethel (Middletown, NY)?
Emmanuel Church (Middletown, NY)?
Family of Faith Lutheran Church (Middletown, NY)Lutheran?
First Baptist Church (Middletown, NY)Baptist?
First Congregational Church (Middletown, NY)?
First Haitian Church of God of Middletown (Middletown, NY)?
First Presbyterian Church (Middletown, NY)Presbyterian?
Foursquare Gospel Church (Middletown, NY)?
Grace Episcopal Church (Middletown, NY)Episcopal?
Grace Episcopal Church Parish (Middletown, NY)Episcopal?
Greater Upperoom Apostolic Church (Middletown, NY)Pentecostal?
Greater Upperoom Apostolic Faith Church (Middletown, NY)Pentecostal?
Harmony Baptist Church (Middletown, NY)Baptist?
Holy Cross Catholic Church (Middletown, NY)Catholic?
Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church (Middletown, NY)Orthodox?
Holy Deliverance Apostolic Temple (Middletown, NY)Pentecostal?
Lighthouse Deliverance (Middletown, NY)?
National Shrine of Our Lady of Mount Carmel (Middletown, NY)?
National Shrine of Our Lady of Mount Carmel 2 (Middletown, NY)?
New Jerusalem Baptist Church (Middletown, NY)Baptist?
North Congregational Church (Middletown, NY)?
Pentecostal Faith Assembly (Middletown, NY)Pentecostal?
Pentecostal Universal Church of Deliverance (Middletown, NY)Pentecostal?
Schwab Joel Rabbi (Middletown, NY)?
Scotchtown Presbyterian Church (Middletown, NY)Presbyterian?
Second Baptist Church (Middletown, NY)Baptist?
Seokwang Korean Presbyterian Church (Middletown, NY)Presbyterian?
Seventh Day Adventist (Middletown, NY)Seventh day Adventist?
Spanish Pentecostal Church (Middletown, NY)Pentecostal?
St Albert's Priory - Brandsma Priory-Novitiate (Middletown, NY)
St James Church of God in Christ (Middletown, NY)Church of God in Christ?
St John’s AME Zion Church (Middletown, NY)?
St John’s Lutheran Church (Middletown, NY)Lutheran?
St Joseph’s Parish (Middletown, NY)?
St Joseph’s Parish Center (Middletown, NY)?
St Nicholas Romanian Church (Middletown, NY)?
St Paul’s Baptist Church (Middletown, NY)Baptist?
St Paul’s Church (Middletown, NY)?
St Paul’s United Methodist Church (Middletown, NY)United Methodist Church?
St Paul’s United Methodist Chuurch (Middletown, NY)Methodist?
Trinity Assembly of God (Middletown, NY)Assemblies of God?
Voice of the Gospel Mission (Middletown, NY)?
Webb Horton Memorial Presbyterian Church (Middletown, NY)Presbyterian?

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