Churches in Missoula, MT

Ambrose-Barton and McDowell Wed CKS and FNE Dssrts (Missoula, MT)?
Atonement Lutheran Church-Elca (Missoula, MT)Evangelical Lutheran Church in America?
Berean Bible Church (Missoula, MT)?
Bethel Baptist Church (Missoula, MT)Baptist?
Bible Baptist Church of Missoula Montana (Missoula, MT)Baptist?
Blessed Hope Baptist Church (Missoula, MT)Baptist?
Calvary Chapel (Missoula, MT)Calvary Chapel?
Calvary Chapel of Missoula (Missoula, MT)Calvary Chapel?
Calvary Community Church (Missoula, MT)?
Christ the King Church (Missoula, MT)?
Christ’s Church On the Clark Fork (Missoula, MT)?
Christ’s Church On-Clark Fork (Missoula, MT)?
Christian & Missionary Alliance Church (Missoula, MT)?
Christian Life Center (Missoula, MT)
Church of The Nazarene (Missoula, MT)Church of the Nazarene?
Clark Fork City Church (Missoula, MT)?
Crosspoint Community Church (Missoula, MT)?
Discovery Alliance Church (Missoula, MT)?
Emmanuel Baptist Church (Missoula, MT)
Emmanuel Baptist Church 2 (Missoula, MT)Baptist?
Faith Baptist Church (Missoula, MT)
Faith Evangelical Free Church (Missoula, MT)Evangelical Free Church?
Faith Harvest Fellowship (Missoula, MT)?
Fellow Laborers International Church (Missoula, MT)?
First Baptist Church (Missoula, MT)Baptist?
First Baptist Church of Missoula (Missoula, MT)Baptist?
First Christian Church (Missoula, MT)?
First Church of the Nazarene (Missoula, MT)Church of the Nazarene?
First Lutheran Church (Missoula, MT)Lutheran?
First Lutheran Church LCMS (Missoula, MT)Lutheran Church Missouri Synod?
First Presbyterian Church (Missoula, MT)Presbyterian?
First United Methodist Church (Missoula, MT)United Methodist Church?
Garden City Church (Missoula, MT)?
Garden City Presbyterian (Missoula, MT)Presbyterian?
Glaxosmthkline Hldngs AME (Missoula, MT)African Methodist Episcopal Church?
Greek Orthodox Church of The Annunctn Orthdx Church (Missoula, MT)Orthodox?
Hellgate Canyon Baptist Fellow (Missoula, MT)Baptist?
Highway Baptist Church (Missoula, MT)Baptist?
Holy Family Catholic Parish (Missoula, MT)Catholic?
Holy Spirit Parish (Missoula, MT)?
Hope Baptist Church (Missoula, MT)Baptist?
House at Bethany (Missoula, MT)?
Immanuel Lutheran Church (Missoula, MT)Lutheran?
Immanuel Lutheran-Elca (Missoula, MT)Evangelical Lutheran Church in America?
Lighthouse Baptist Church (Missoula, MT)Baptist?
Lighthouse Baptist Church 2 (Missoula, MT)Baptist?
Living Word Church (Missoula, MT)?
Lord’s Church (Missoula, MT)?
Meadow View Community Church (Missoula, MT)?
Messiah Lutheran Church (Missoula, MT)Lutheran?
Missoula 3 16 (Missoula, MT)?
Missoula Alliance Church (Missoula, MT)?
Missoula Bible Church (Missoula, MT)?
Missoula Bible Church 2 (Missoula, MT)?
Missoula Christian Fellowship (Missoula, MT)?
Missoula Friends Meeting (Missoula, MT)?
Missoula Friends Meeting Quakers (Missoula, MT)Quaker?
Missoula Landmark Missionary Baptist (Missoula, MT)Baptist?
Missoula Valley Church (Missoula, MT)?
Mount Zion Lutheran Church (Missoula, MT)Lutheran?
Mount Zion Lutheran Church-Wels (Missoula, MT)Lutheran?
Mountain View Baptist Church (Missoula, MT)Baptist?
Mountain View Chapel (Missoula, MT)?
New Hope Christian Fellowship (Missoula, MT)?
New Life Worship Center (Missoula, MT)?
Open Door Baptist Church (Missoula, MT)Baptist?
Orthodox Church of the Annunciation (Missoula, MT)Orthodox?
Pope John Xxiii Catholic Community (Missoula, MT)Catholic?
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church (Missoula, MT)Lutheran?
Rocky Mountain Baptist Fellowship (Missoula, MT)Baptist?
Saint Anthony Parish (Missoula, MT)?
Saint Francis Xavier Church Restoration Foundation (Missoula, MT)?
Saint Paul Lutheran Church (Missoula, MT)Lutheran?
Seventh Day Adventist Church (Missoula, MT)Seventh day Adventist?
Shec Community Center (Missoula, MT)?
Slavic Pentecostal Church (Missoula, MT)Pentecostal?
Spirit of Peace Alternative (Missoula, MT)?
Spirit of Peace Alternative Catholic Community (Missoula, MT)Catholic?
St Anthony Parish (Missoula, MT)?
St Francis Catholic Church (Missoula, MT)Catholic?
St Francis Xavier Church (Missoula, MT)?
St Paul Lutheran Church (Missoula, MT)Lutheran?
The House At Bethany (Missoula, MT)?
The Lord’s Church (Missoula, MT)?
The River VCF (Missoula, MT)?
Trinity Baptist Church (Missoula, MT)Baptist?
Trinity Baptist Church SBC (Missoula, MT)Southern Baptist?
United Pentecostal Church (Missoula, MT)Pentecostal?
Unity Church of Missoula (Missoula, MT)?
University Congregational Church (Missoula, MT)?
Vineyard Christian Fellowship-The River (Missoula, MT)

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