Churches in Mount Clemens, MI

Calvary Missionary Baptist (Mount Clemens, MI)Baptist?
Cathedral of Deliverance (Mount Clemens, MI)?
Christian Lighthouse Church (Mount Clemens, MI)?
Church of Christ (Mount Clemens, MI)?
Church of Christ-North Broadway (Mount Clemens, MI)?
Cornelius First Seventh-Day ADVT Church of Mount Clmns (Mount Clemens, MI)?
Faith Christian Center (Mount Clemens, MI)?
First Presbyterian Church of Mount Clemens (MI)
First United Methodist Church of Mount Clemens (Mount Clemens, MI)United Methodist Church?
God’s Mission To Men (Mount Clemens, MI)?
Good Shepherd Coalition (Mount Clemens, MI)?
Grace Episcopal Church (Mount Clemens, MI)Episcopal?
Greater Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church (Mount Clemens, MI)Baptist?
Greater Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church 2 (Mount Clemens, MI)Baptist?
Metro Family (Mount Clemens, MI)?
Metro Family Center (Mount Clemens, MI)?
Missionary – Calvary Baptist (Mount Clemens, MI)Baptist?
Mount Clemens Apostolic Church (Mount Clemens, MI)Pentecostal?
Mount Clemens Cornelius First Seventh-Day Adventist Church (Mount Clemens, MI)?
My Jesus Ministries (Mount Clemens, MI)?
New Life Ambassadors for Christ (Mount Clemens, MI)?
Ransey Holy Temple (Mount Clemens, MI)?
Salvation Army Church and Community Center (Mount Clemens, MI)?
St Joseph’s Mercy of Macomb (Mount Clemens, MI)?
St Peter Catholic Church (Mount Clemens, MI)Catholic?
St Peter’s Catholic Church (Mount Clemens, MI)Catholic?
St Peters Catholic Church 2 (Mount Clemens, MI)Catholic?
Stephen Temple (Mount Clemens, MI)?
Turner Chapel Christian Methodist Episcopal Church (Mount Clemens, MI)Christian Methodist Episcopal Church?
Zion Temple Church in Jesus (Mount Clemens, MI)?
Zion United Church of Christ (Mount Clemens, MI)United Church of Christ?

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