Churches in New Westminster, BC

Amazing Grace Christian Fellowship (New Westminster, BC)?
Believers’ Fellowship Baptist (New Westminster, BC)Baptist?
Catholic Ukrainian Churches & Institutions (New Westminster, BC)Catholic?
Connaught Heights Pentecostal Assembly (New Westminster, BC)Pentecostal?
Dunwood Place (New Westminster, BC)?
Emmanuel Pentecostal Church (New Westminster, BC)Pentecostal?
Evangelical Lutheran Church (New Westminster, BC)Lutheran?
First Presbyterian Church (New Westminster, BC)Presbyterian?
Free Methodist Church (New Westminster, BC)Methodist?
Gospel Church in Christ (New Westminster, BC)?
Holy Eucharist Ukranian Catholic Church (New Westminster, BC)Catholic?
Holy Trinity Cathedral (New Westminster, BC)?
Knox Presbyterian Church (New Westminster, BC)Presbyterian?
Mainland Baptist Fellowship (New Westminster, BC)Baptist?
Mount Calvary Lutheran Church (New Westminster, BC)Lutheran?
Mount Zion Lutheran Church (New Westminster, BC)Lutheran?
New West Community Baptist Church (New Westminster, BC, Canada)
Olivet Baptist Church (New Westminster, BC)Baptist?
Padang Lutheran Christian Relief (New Westminster, BC)Lutheran?
Queens Ave United Church (New Westminster, BC)?
Royal City Christian Ctr (New Westminster, BC)?
Sapperton Baptist Church (New Westminster, BC)Baptist?
Seageyro Church (New Westminster, BC)?
St Barnabas Church (New Westminster, BC)?
St Elias Arabic & English Lang (New Westminster, BC)?
St Gheorghe Romanian Orthodox (New Westminster, BC)Orthodox?
St Mary the Virgin Sapperton (New Westminster, BC)?
STS Cyril & Methodius Slovak (New Westminster, BC)?
Take the Nations for Jesus (New Westminster, BC)?
The Redeemed Christian Church of God (New Westminster, BC)?
Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral (New Westminster, BC)Catholic?
Ukrainian Orthodox Church (New Westminster, BC)Orthodox?
Unity in Action (New Westminster, BC)?
Vancouver Japanese Gospel Church (New Westminster, BC)?
Vancouver Korean Church (New Westminster, BC)?

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