Churches in Newberg, OR

2nd Street Community Church (Newberg, OR)?
2nd Street Community Church 2 (Newberg, OR)?
Assembly of God (Newberg, OR)Assemblies of God?
Chehalem Valley Baptist (Newberg, OR)Baptist?
Christ Community Church (Newberg, OR)?
Christian Gospel Assemblies (Newberg, OR)?
Church of Christ (Newberg, OR)?
Church of God (Newberg, OR)?
Church of the Nazarene (Newberg, OR)Church of the Nazarene?
First Baptist Church (Newberg, OR)Baptist?
First Presbyterian Church (Newberg, OR)Presbyterian?
First United Methodist Church (Newberg, OR)United Methodist Church?
Friends Fund (Newberg, OR)?
GodSong Community Church (Newberg, OR)?
Godsong Community Church 2 (Newberg, OR)?
Gospel Chapel (Newberg, OR)?
Horizon Foursquare Church (Newberg, OR)
Joyful Servant Lutheran Church ELCA (Newberg, OR)Evangelical Lutheran Church in America?
Joyful Servants Lutheran Church (Newberg, OR)Lutheran?
La Iglesia Evangelica Los Amigos (Newberg, OR)?
Living Truth United Pentecostal Church (Newberg, OR)Pentecostal?
Living Waters Christian Fellowship-Calvary Chapel (Newberg, OR)Calvary Chapel?
Newberg Foursquare Church (Newberg, OR)?
Newberg Free Methodist Church (Newberg, OR)Methodist?
Newberg Free Methodist Church 2 (Newberg, OR)Methodist?
Newberg Friends Church (Newberg, OR)?
Newberg Word of Faith Center (Newberg, OR)?
Northwest Friends Church Headquarters (Newberg, OR)?
Open Door Baptist Church (Newberg, OR)Baptist?
Rockpoint Church (Newberg, OR)?
Sanctuary (Newberg, OR)?
Seventh Day Adventist Church (Newberg, OR)Seventh day Adventist?
St Michael’s San Miguel Episcopal Church (Newberg, OR)Episcopal?
St Peter Parish Center (Newberg, OR)?
St Peter’s Catholic Church (Newberg, OR)Catholic?
Trinity Orthodox Prsbtrn Church (Newberg, OR)Orthodox?
West Chehalem Friends Church (Newberg, OR)?
Zion Lutheran Church-Aalc (Newberg, OR)Lutheran?

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