Churches in Newburgh, NY

AME Zion Church (Newburgh, NY)?
Ame Zion Church 2 (Newburgh, NY)?
Assembly of God (Newburgh, NY)Assemblies of God?
Assembly of God Church (Newburgh, NY)Assemblies of God?
Best Temple Church of God in Christ (Newburgh, NY)Church of God in Christ?
Calvary Full Gospel Bible Church (Newburgh, NY)?
Calvary Full Gospel Church – Presbyterian Church (Newburgh, NY)Presbyterian?
Calvary Full Gospel Church (Newburgh, NY)?
Centro Catolico Hispano (Newburgh, NY)?
Church Of God (Newburgh, NY)?
Church of God 2 (Newburgh, NY)?
Church of God 3 (Newburgh, NY)?
Church Of God By Faith (Newburgh, NY)?
Church of St. Francis of Assisi (Newburgh, NY)?
Daughters of Mary Immaculate (Newburgh, NY)Catholic?
De Porres and Black Ministry (Newburgh, NY)?
Dominican Sisters (Newburgh, NY)?
Ebenezer Baptist Church (Newburgh, NY)Baptist?
First Assembly of God (Newburgh, NY)Assemblies of God?
First Baptist Church (Newburgh, NY)Baptist?
First Baptist Church in Newburgh New York (Newburgh, NY)Baptist?
First Born Church of the Living God-House of Joy (Newburgh, NY)?
First Congregational Church (Newburgh, NY)?
First United Methodist Church (Newburgh, NY)United Methodist Church?
Gardnertown United Methodist (Newburgh, NY)Methodist?
Gods Deliverance Center (Newburgh, NY)?
Grace Tabernacle (Newburgh, NY)?
Grace United Methodist Church (Newburgh, NY)United Methodist Church?
Holy Deliverance Apostolic Temple (Newburgh, NY)Pentecostal?
Holy Temple Uhc (Newburgh, NY)?
House of God Hebrew Pentecostal Church (Newburgh, NY)Pentecostal?
House of Prayer (Newburgh, NY)?
House of Refuge (Newburgh, NY)?
Hudson Valley Christian Church (Newburgh, NY)?
Jones Church (Newburgh, NY)?
Kingdom Life Church International Inc (Newburgh, NY)?
Leptondale Bible Church (Newburgh, NY)?
Life Restoration Church (Newburgh, NY)?
Lighthouse Bible Baptist Church (Newburgh, NY)Baptist?
Living in Jesus Ministry (Newburgh, NY)?
Living In Jesus Ministry Church (Newburgh, NY)?
Meadow Hill Reformed Church (Newburgh, NY)Reformed?
Moulton Memorial Baptist Church (Newburgh, NY)Baptist?
Mount Carmel Church of Christ (Newburgh, NY)?
New Hope Baptist Church (Newburgh, NY)Baptist?
Newburgh Seventh-Day Adventist Church (Newburgh, NY)?
Newburgh Tabernacle SDN Church (Newburgh, NY)?
Newburgh Tabernacle Seventh-Day Adventist Church (Newburgh, NY)?
Sacred Heart Church (Newburgh, NY)?
Solid Rock Church of God (Newburgh, NY)?
Soul Saving Station (Newburgh, NY)?
St George’s Episc Church (Newburgh, NY)?
St George’s Episcopal Church (Newburgh, NY)Episcopal?
St Martin de Porres Society of Black Ministry (Newburgh, NY)?
St Mary of The Assumption Church (Newburgh, NY)?
St Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church (Newburgh, NY)Orthodox?
St Patrick’s Church (Newburgh, NY)?
Temple Baptist (Newburgh, NY)Baptist?
Temple Beth Jacob (Newburgh, NY)?
Ultimate Faith Ministries (Newburgh, NY)?
Union Presbyterian Church (Newburgh, NY)Presbyterian?
Vondras Father John J (Newburgh, NY)?

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