Churches in Newton, KS

All Nations Pentecostal Church (Newton, KS)Pentecostal?
Assembly of God (Newton, KS)Assemblies of God?
Assembly of God Church (Newton, KS)Assemblies of God?
Bethany Baptist Church (Newton, KS)Baptist?
Bible Baptist Church (Newton, KS)Baptist?
Christian-Church-Disciples of Christ (Newton, KS)?
Church of Christ (Newton, KS)?
Church of God First (Newton, KS)?
Church of the Brethren (Newton, KS)?
Columbus Avenue Church of Christ (Newton, KS)?
Community Church of God (Newton, KS)?
Crossroads Community Church (Newton, KS)?
East Side United Methodist Church (Newton, KS)United Methodist Church?
El Calvario Iglesia Del Nazareno (Newton, KS)
Faith & Life Press (Newton, KS)?
Faith and Life Press 2 (Newton, KS)?
Faith Mennonite Church (Newton, KS)Mennonites?
Faith Mennonite Church 2 (Newton, KS)Mennonites?
Family Christian Center (Newton, KS)?
First Baptist Church – Hunter’s Landing (Newton, KS)Baptist?
First Baptist Church (Newton, KS)Baptist?
First Church of God (Newton, KS)?
First Church of the Nazarene (Newton, KS)Church of the Nazarene?
First Mennonite Church (Newton, KS)Mennonites?
First Mennonite Church Newton 2 (Newton, KS)Mennonites?
First Presbyterian Church (Newton, KS)Presbyterian?
First United Church of Christ (Newton, KS)United Church of Christ?
First United Methodist Church (Newton, KS)United Methodist Church?
Golden Plains Free Methodist Church (Newton, KS)Methodist?
Grace Community Church (Newton, KS)?
Hall’s Chapel AME Church (Newton, KS)?
Highland Trinity United Church of Christ (Newton, KS)United Church of Christ?
Hillcrest Community Church (Newton, KS)?
Hillcrest Community Foursquare (Newton, KS)?
Immanuel Baptist Church (Newton, KS)Baptist?
Koerner Heights Church of the Mennonite Brethren (Newton, KS)Mennonites?
Liberty Baptist Church (Newton, KS)Baptist?
Mennonite Church USA (Newton, KS)Mennonites?
Meridian Baptist Church (Newton, KS)Baptist?
Nazarene Calvary Church (Newton, KS)Church of the Nazarene?
New Creation Fellowship (Newton, KS)?
New Creation Fellowship Church (Newton, KS)?
New Jerusalem Missions (Newton, KS)?
Newton Bible Church – Missionary Home (Newton, KS)?
Newton Bible Church (Newton, KS)?
Newton Christian Church (Newton, KS)?
Newton Seventh-Day Adventist Church (Newton, KS)?
Our Lady of Guadalupe – Adoration Chappel (Newton, KS)?
Peace Chapel (Newton, KS)?
Presbyterian Church First (Newton, KS)
Reimer David (Newton, KS)?
Salem United Methodist Church (Newton, KS)United Methodist Church?
Second Baptist Church (Newton, KS)Baptist?
Seventh-Day Adventist Church (Newton, KS)?
Shalom Mennonite Church (Newton, KS)Mennonites?
Source of Light Kansas (Newton, KS)?
St Luke Presbyterian Church (Newton, KS)Presbyterian?
St Mary’s Catholic Church (Newton, KS)Catholic?
St Matthew’s Episcopal Church (Newton, KS)Episcopal?
Tabor Mennonite Church (Newton, KS)Mennonites?
The Journey (Newton, KS)?
The Journey 2 (Newton, KS)?
Trinity Heights United Methodist Church (Newton, KS)United Methodist Church?
Wellspring Church (Newton, KS)?
Zion Lutheran Church (Newton, KS)Lutheran?

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