Churches in Orrville, OH

Assembly of God Church Calvary (Orrville, OH)Assemblies of God?
Augsburg Lutheran Church (Orrville, OH)Lutheran?
Chestnut Ridge Mennonite Church (Orrville, OH)Mennonites?
Christ United Church of Christ (Orrville, OH)United Church of Christ?
Christian Harbor Church (Orrville, OH)?
Daybreak Community Church (Orrville, OH)?
East Union Mennonite Church (Orrville, OH)Mennonites?
First Baptist Church (Orrville, OH)Baptist?
First Presbyterian Church Orrville (Orrville, OH)Presbyterian?
Go Forth Ministry (Orrville, OH)?
Grace Baptist Church (Orrville, OH)Baptist?
Grace Community Church (Orrville, OH)?
Harvest Hills Church of Nazarene (Orrville, OH)Church of the Nazarene?
Harvest Hills Church of the Nazarene (Orrville, OH)Church of the Nazarene?
Lighthouse Christian Church (Orrville, OH)?
Martin’s Mennonite Church (Orrville, OH)Mennonites?
New Hope Christian Center (Orrville, OH)?
North Main Street Church of Christ (Orrville, OH)?
North Main Street Church of Christ in Orrville (Orrville, OH)?
Orrville Baptist Church (Orrville, OH)Baptist?
Orrville Baptist Church Assoc Bc-E SBC ID (Orrville, OH)Southern Baptist?
Orrville Christian Church (Orrville, OH)?
Orrville Grace Brethen Church (Orrville, OH)?
Orrville Mennonite Church (Orrville, OH)Mennonites?
Orrville Mennonite Church 2 (Orrville, OH)Mennonites?
Pathway Church of God (Orrville, OH)?
St Agnes Church (Orrville, OH)
Trinity United Methodist Church Orrville (Orrville, OH)United Methodist Church?
True Church House of Prayer (Orrville, OH)?

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