Churches in Paterson, NJ

Abundant Life Worship Center of Paterson (Paterson, NJ)?
Agape Christian Center Word Faith (Paterson, NJ)?
Allnation United Church of God (Paterson, NJ)?
Alpha & Omega Tabernacle Church (Paterson, NJ)?
Alpha and Omega Tabernacle Church 2 (Paterson, NJ)
Assembly Holy House of Prayer (Paterson, NJ)?
Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church (Paterson, NJ)African Methodist Episcopal Church?
Bethel AME CDC (Paterson, NJ)?
Bethel AME Church (Paterson, NJ)?
Blessed Sacrament Church (Paterson, NJ)?
Blessed Sacrament RC Church (Paterson, NJ)?
Calvary Baptist Church (Paterson, NJ)
Canaan Baptist Church (Paterson, NJ)Baptist?
Central Baptist Church (Paterson, NJ)Baptist?
Century East Roman Catholic Church (Paterson, NJ)Catholic?
Cheeck Temple Uhc (Paterson, NJ)?
Christ Temple Baptist Church (Paterson, NJ)Baptist?
Christian Fellowship Center and Om (Paterson, NJ)?
Christian Pentecostal Iglesia (Paterson, NJ)Pentecostal?
Church of God (Paterson, NJ)?
Church of God 2 (Paterson, NJ)?
Church of God 3 (Paterson, NJ)?
Church of God of Prophecy (Paterson, NJ)?
Church of God of Prophecy 2 (Paterson, NJ)?
Church of God of Seventh Day (Paterson, NJ)Seventh day Adventist?
Church Of Jesus Christ Apostolic (Paterson, NJ)Pentecostal?
Church of Jesus Christ the Lord Inc (Paterson, NJ)?
Church of Jesus Christ-Lords (Paterson, NJ)
Church of The Brothers United (Paterson, NJ)?
Church of the Brothers United in Christ (Paterson, NJ)?
Church of the Holy Communion (Paterson, NJ)?
Church of the Living God United (Paterson, NJ)?
Come-Unity Baptist Church of Love (Paterson, NJ)Baptist?
Community Holiness Church (Paterson, NJ)?
C-u-m-a-c-e-c-h-o (Paterson, NJ)?
Deliverance Holy Tabernacle (Paterson, NJ)?
East Side Seventh Day Adventist Church (Paterson, NJ)Seventh day Adventist?
East Side Seventh Day Church (Paterson, NJ)Seventh day Adventist?
ELIM Missionary Church (Paterson, NJ)?
Emmanuel Baptist Church (Paterson, NJ)Baptist?
Exodus Baptist Church (Paterson, NJ)Baptist?
Faith Chapel (Paterson, NJ)?
Faith Soul Saving Church (Paterson, NJ)?
Faith Soul Saving Station (Paterson, NJ)?
Father Donald (Paterson, NJ)?
Finlay Jane (Paterson, NJ)?
First AME Zion Church (Paterson, NJ)?
First Baptist Church (Paterson, NJ)Baptist?
First Baptist Church of Paterson (Paterson, NJ)Baptist?
First Presbyterian Church (Paterson, NJ)Presbyterian?
First Presbyterian Church of Paterson (Paterson, NJ)Presbyterian?
Friendship Baptist Church (Paterson, NJ)Baptist?
Gazaway Baptist Church (Paterson, NJ)Baptist?
Gilmore Memorial Tabernacle Church (Paterson, NJ)?
Glesia Pentecostal Roca de Salvazion (Paterson, NJ)
Glory Gospel Assembly (Paterson, NJ)?
Good Shepherd Baptist Church (Paterson, NJ)Baptist?
Grace and Restoration Fellowship (Paterson, NJ)?
Grace Chapel Baptist Church (Paterson, NJ)Baptist?
Grace Gospel Church (Paterson, NJ)?
Grace Pentecostal Tabernacleof NJ (Paterson, NJ)Pentecostal?
Greater Bethel Church Christ (Paterson, NJ)?
Greater Bethel Church of Christ (Paterson, NJ)?
Greater Bible Way Church of Christ (Paterson, NJ)?
Greater Faith Church of Abundunce (Paterson, NJ)?
Greater Mount Calvary Church of God Love in Christ (Paterson, NJ)?
Harvest Outreach Ministry (Paterson, NJ)?
Highway Church of Christ Association (Paterson, NJ)?
Holy House of Prayer (Paterson, NJ)?
Holy House of Prayer Interdenominational Church (Paterson, NJ)?
Holy Tabernacle Apostolic (Paterson, NJ)Pentecostal?
Hope of Glory Church of Christ (Paterson, NJ)
House Of Faith Church Of Christ (Paterson, NJ)?
House of Faith Church-Christ (Paterson, NJ)
Iep of Paterson (Paterson, NJ)?
Iglesia Amor Christinao (Paterson, NJ)?
Iglesia Cristiana Ebenezer (Paterson, NJ)?
Iglesia Cristiana Ebenezer Inc (Paterson, NJ)?
Iglesia De Cristo Misionera Betel (Paterson, NJ)?
Iglesia de DIOS A D Inc (Paterson, NJ)?
Iglesia De Dios Ad (Paterson, NJ)?
Iglesia Pentecostal Puerta de Refugio (Paterson, NJ)Pentecostal?
Iglesia Presbiteriana Hispana Church (Paterson, NJ)?
Koinonia and Christian (Paterson, NJ)?
Latin American Pent Church Of God (Paterson, NJ)?
Lighthouse Deliverance Church (Paterson, NJ)?
Love of Jesus Family Church (Paterson, NJ)?
Madison Avenue Baptist Church (Paterson, NJ)Baptist?
Madison Avenue Christian Reformed Church (Paterson, NJ)Christian Reformed Church?
Madison Park Epworth (Paterson, NJ)?
Missionary Church of Christ (Paterson, NJ)
Missionary Church of Christ 2 (Paterson, NJ)
Missionary Sisters of The Immaculate Conception PR (Paterson, NJ)?
Mount Zion Full Gospel Church (Paterson, NJ)?
Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church (Paterson, NJ)Baptist?
Nabin Abbassi (Paterson, NJ)?
Nacareno Hispanic Church (Paterson, NJ)?
Neighborhood Baptist Church (Paterson, NJ)Baptist?
New AME Zion Church (Paterson, NJ)?
New Birth Baptist Church (Paterson, NJ)Baptist?
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