Churches in Queens Village, NY

All Nation Apostic (Queens Village, NY)?
Andre Cook Ministries (Queens Village, NY)?
Assembly Church of God (Queens Village, NY)
Bethany Lutheran Mission Center (Queens Village, NY)Lutheran?
Bethlehem Missionary Church (Queens Village, NY)?
Church of Christ Hollis (Queens Village, NY)?
Church of Christ the Rock (Queens Village, NY)
Church of God (Queens Village, NY)Evangelicalism?
Damascus Christian Church (Queens Village, NY)?
Damascus Christian Church 2 (Queens Village, NY)?
Damascus Christian Church Inc (Queens Village, NY)?
Damascus Christian Church Inc 2 (Queens Village, NY)?
Embury United Methodist (Queens Village, NY)Methodist?
Embury United Methodist Church (Queens Village, NY)United Methodist Church?
Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Redeemer (Queens Village, NY)Lutheran?
Exousia Worship and Praise Center (Queens Village, NY)?
Ezekiel House of Prayer (Queens Village, NY)
Faith Ministries Christian Center (Queens Village, NY)?
Father’s Heart Ministries (Queens Village, NY)?
First Revelation Church (Queens Village, NY)?
First United Presbyterian Church of Queens Village (Queens Village, NY)Presbyterian?
Gethsemane House of Prayer (Queens Village, NY)?
Global Evangelistic Ministries (Queens Village, NY)?
Greater Bethel Church (Queens Village, NY)?
Hollis Avenue Congretional Church (Queens Village, NY)?
Hollis Woods Community Church (Queens Village, NY)?
House of Reconciliation (Queens Village, NY)?
Household of Faith (Queens Village, NY)?
Incarnation Church RC (Queens Village, NY)?
Incarnation Religious Coordinator (Queens Village, NY)?
India Pentecostal Church Inc (Queens Village, NY)Pentecostal?
International Evangelical Mission (Queens Village, NY)?
La Iglesia Pentecostal El Refugio Eterno (Queens Village, NY)Pentecostal?
Living Faith Church Worldwide (Queens Village, NY)?
Love Oasis Christian Center (Queens Village, NY)?
Maranatha Baptist Church (Queens Village, NY)Baptist?
Mount Sinai Seventh Day Adventist Church (Queens Village, NY)Seventh day Adventist?
New Apostolic Church (Queens Village, NY)Pentecostal?
New Bethel Baptist Church (Queens Village, NY)
New Convenant Church of Christ Baptist (Queens Village, NY)Baptist?
New Covenant Church of Christ (Queens Village, NY)?
NY Deliverance Gospel Temple (Queens Village, NY)?
Our Lady of Lourdes Church (Queens Village, NY)?
People Of Destiny Restoration Center (Queens Village, NY)?
Queens Baptist Church (Queens Village, NY)Baptist?
Queens Reformed Church (Queens Village, NY)Reformed?
Queens Village Church of God (Queens Village, NY)?
Queens Village Church of God 2 (Queens Village, NY)?
Queensboro Temple (Queens Village, NY)?
St Joachim and Anne – Rctry (Queens Village, NY)?
St Joseph’s Episcopal Church (Queens Village, NY)Episcopal?
The Assembly of The Body of Christ (Queens Village, NY)?
The Father’s Heart Ministries (Queens Village, NY)?
United Families of Christ Presbyterian Church (Queens Village, NY)Presbyterian?
Vincentian Fathers (Queens Village, NY)?

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