Churches in Reno, NV

1st Century Church of Christ (Reno, NV)?
Airport Christian Fellowship (Reno, NV)?
All People’s Baptist Church (Reno, NV)Baptist?
Assembly of God (Reno, NV)Assemblies of God?
Bethel AME Church (Reno, NV)?
Body of Christ Church (Reno, NV)?
Bridge to Life Church (Reno, NV)
Calvary Baptist Church (Reno, NV)Baptist?
Calvary Chapel of Reno-Sparks (Reno, NV)Calvary Chapel?
Calvary Church of the Nazarene (Reno, NV)Church of the Nazarene?
Cath Taylor (Reno, NV)?
Catholic Churches (Reno, NV)Catholic?
Catholic Pastoral Center (Reno, NV)Catholic?
Central Church of Christ (Reno, NV)?
Central Church of Christ 2 (Reno, NV)?
Central City Church (Reno, NV)?
Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship (Reno, NV)?
Christian Campus Assoc (Reno, NV)?
Church of Christ (Reno, NV)?
Church of Christ 2 (Reno, NV)?
Church of Christ 3 (Reno, NV)?
Church of Christ-N Virginia St (Reno, NV)?
Colony Christian Fellowship (Reno, NV)?
Community Bible Church (Reno, NV)?
Covenant Outreach Church (Reno, NV)?
Covenant Presbyterian Church (Reno, NV)Presbyterian?
Crosspoint Community Church (Reno, NV)?
Crosspoint Community Church 2 (Reno, NV)?
Desert Springs Baptist Church (Reno, NV)Baptist?
Destiny (Reno, NV)?
Discovery Fellowship (Reno, NV)?
Dominion Life (Reno, NV)?
El Cordero De Dios (Reno, NV)?
Elm Community Church (Reno, NV)?
ELM Community Church 2 (Reno, NV)?
Faith Alive Christian Center (Reno, NV)?
Faith Bible Church (Reno, NV)Non-Denominational Churches?
Faith Lutheran Church (Reno, NV)Lutheran?
Family Worship Center (Reno, NV)?
Fellowship Baptist Church (Reno, NV)Baptist?
Fellowship Community Church (Reno, NV)?
First Baptist Church of Black Springs (Reno, NV)Baptist?
First Baptist Church of Reno (Reno, NV)Baptist?
First Church of God-Anderson (Reno, NV)?
First Church of God-Reno Anderson Indiana (Reno, NV)?
First Congregation Church Reno (Reno, NV)?
First Covenant Church (Reno, NV)?
First Evangelical Free Church (Reno, NV)Evangelical Free Church?
First United Methodist Church of Reno (Reno, NV)United Methodist Church?
Foothills Church of Christ (Reno, NV)?
Friends Reno Meeting Quaker (Reno, NV)Quaker?
Grace Community Church of Reno (Reno, NV)?
Granite Hills Baptist Church (Reno, NV)Baptist?
Greater Harvest Church of God in Christ (Reno, NV)Church of God in Christ?
Greater Light Christian Center (Reno, NV)?
Greater Light Christian Church (Reno, NV)?
Greater New Hope Baptist Church (Reno, NV)Baptist?
Hana Christian Reformed Church O Reno (NV)
Hands of Hope Ministries (Reno, NV)?
Harvest Fellowship Church of God (Reno, NV)Church of God Churches?
Harvest Fellowship Church of God 2 (Reno, NV)?
Holy Cross Lutheran Church (Reno, NV)Lutheran?
Holy Royal Martyrs of Russia (Reno, NV)?
Hope Community (Reno, NV)?
Iglesia Adventista Del Septimodia (Reno, NV)?
Iglesia Cristiana El Verbo De Dios (Reno, NV)?
Iglesia De Jesucristo Palabra Miel Reno (Reno, NV)?
Iglesia El Manantial (Reno, NV)?
Iglesia Pentecostal Unida Casa (Reno, NV)Pentecostal?
Iglesia Pentecostal Unida Casa Del Alfarero (Reno, NV)Pentecostal?
Immanuel Chinese Alliance Church (Reno, NV)?
Journey Church (Reno, NV)?
Liberty Baptist Church (Reno, NV)Baptist?
Lighthouse Baptist Church (Reno, NV)Baptist?
Little Church in The Valley (Reno, NV)?
Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd (Reno, NV)Lutheran?
Lutheran Church of The Good Shepherd 2 (Reno, NV)Lutheran?
Lutheran Church-Good Shepherd (Reno, NV)Lutheran?
Metropolitan Community Church of the Sierras (Reno, NV)?
Metropolitan Community Church of The Sierras 2 (Reno, NV)?
Ministerio Palabra De Vida (Reno, NV)?
Ministerio Sion (Reno, NV)?
Missionary Church (Reno, NV)?
Mount Hope Baptist Church (Reno, NV)Baptist?
Mount Rose Evangelical Free Church (Reno, NV)Evangelical Free Church?
Mount Rose Reformed Church (Reno, NV)Reformed?
Mount Rose Reformed Orthodox Presbyterian Church (Reno, NV)Reformed?
New Life Assembly of God (Reno, NV)Assemblies of God?
New Life Christian Center (Reno, NV)?
New Life Christian Center 2 (Reno, NV)?
North Virginia Street Church of Christ (Reno, NV)?
Our Lady of the Snows Catholic Church (Reno, NV)Catholic?
Our Lady of Wisdom Catholic Newman Community (Reno, NV)Catholic?
Outlook Christian Church (Reno, NV)?
Pathway Christian Church (Reno, NV)?
Perfect Peace Community Church (Reno, NV)?
Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church (Reno, NV)Baptist?
Pilgrims Rest Baptist Church (Reno, NV)Baptist?
Potter’s House Christian Fellowship Church (Reno, NV)?
Primera Iglesia Bautista Hispana (Reno, NV)?
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