Churches in Rochester, NY

Abundant Life Faith Ministry (Rochester, NY)?
Abundant Life Faith Ministry 2 (Rochester, NY)?
Abundant Life Ministries (Rochester, NY)?
Adams Street Church of God (Rochester, NY)?
Aenon Baptist Church (Rochester, NY)
Aldersgate United Methodist Church (Rochester, NY)United Methodist Church?
All Saints Episcopal Church (Rochester, NY)Episcopal?
All Souls United Church (Rochester, NY)?
Alpha Lutheran Church of The Deaf (Rochester, NY)Lutheran?
American Baptist Historical Association (Rochester, NY)
Anchor Christian Church (Rochester, NY)?
Andrew's Center Convent (Rochester, NY)
Antioch Baptist Church (Rochester, NY)
Ark of Jesus (Rochester, NY)?
Ark of The Covenant Cogbf (Rochester, NY)?
Assembly of God Cncl Affl of S (Rochester, NY)Assemblies of God?
Atonement Lutheran Church (Rochester, NY)Lutheran?
Baber AME Church (Rochester, NY)?
Baber AME Church 2 (Rochester, NY)?
Baptist Temple (Rochester, NY)Baptist?
Believers Temple (Rochester, NY)?
Bethany Baptist Church (Rochester, NY)Baptist?
Bethany Presbyterian Church (Rochester, NY)
Bethany Presbyterian Church, Church (Rochester, NY)Presbyterian?
Bethel Full Gospel Church (Rochester, NY)?
Bethel Full Gospel Church 2 (Rochester, NY)?
Bethel Full Gospell Church (Rochester, NY)?
Bethesda Church of God in Christ (Rochester, NY)Church of God in Christ?
Bethsaida Evangelical Church (Rochester, NY)?
Blessed Sacrament Church (Rochester, NY)?
Breath of Life CME Church Church (Rochester, NY)?
Breath of Life SDA Church (Rochester, NY)?
Bridge Builders Ministries (Rochester, NY)?
Brighton Reformed Church (Rochester, NY)
Browncroft Baptist Church (Rochester, NY)Baptist?
Browncroft Community Church (Rochester, NY)?
Calvary Assembly of God (Rochester, NY)Assemblies of God?
Calvary Bible Baptist Church (Rochester, NY)Baptist?
Calvary Chapel of Greece (Rochester, NY)Calvary Chapel?
Calvary Chapel of Rochester (Rochester, NY)Calvary Chapel?
Cameron Community Ministries (Rochester, NY)?
Chapel Oaks (Rochester, NY)
Charity Bible Baptist Church (Rochester, NY)Baptist?
Chili Bible Baptist Church (Rochester, NY)Baptist?
Christ Church (Rochester, NY)?
Christ Church Unity (Rochester, NY)?
Christ Tabernacle Apostolic (Rochester, NY)Pentecostal?
Christ Tabernacle Apostolic Faith Church Inc (Rochester, NY)Pentecostal?
Christ Temple Apostolic Free (Rochester, NY)Pentecostal?
Christ Temple Church (Rochester, NY)?
Christ The Good Shepherd Lutheran Church (Rochester, NY)Lutheran?
Christ View United Methodist Church (Rochester, NY)United Methodist Church?
Christian Apostilic Church (Rochester, NY)?
Christian Assembly (Rochester, NY)?
Christian Community Church (Rochester, NY)?
Christian Friendship Baptist (Rochester, NY)Baptist?
Church of Christ (Rochester, NY)?
Church of Christ 2 (Rochester, NY)?
Church of Christ 3 (Rochester, NY)?
Church of God in Christ (Rochester, NY)Church of God in Christ?
Church of God in Christ 2 (Rochester, NY)Church of God in Christ?
Church of God of Prophecy (Rochester, NY)?
Church of His Saving Grace (Rochester, NY)?
Church of Life Ministries (Rochester, NY)?
Church of Love Faith Center (Rochester, NY)?
Church of Nazareth (Rochester, NY)?
Church of The Epiphany (Rochester, NY)?
Church of the First Born (Rochester, NY)?
Church of the Risen Savior (Rochester, NY)?
Church Sinai Pentecostal (Rochester, NY)Pentecostal?
Church Women United (Rochester, NY)?
Community Bible Church (Rochester, NY)?
Community Christian Church (Rochester, NY)?
Community Ministry Rochester (Rochester, NY)?
Coptic Monastery of Saint Shenouda (Rochester, NY)?
Cornerstone Bible Chapel (Rochester, NY)
Covenant Life Church (Rochester, NY)?
Covenant Presbyterian Church (Rochester, NY)Presbyterian?
Covenant United Methodist Church (Rochester, NY)United Methodist Church?
Destiny Preparation Church (Rochester, NY)?
Dewey Avenue Presbyterian Church (Rochester, NY)Presbyterian?
Downtown United Presbyterian Church (Rochester, NY)Presbyterian?
Durand United Church of Christ (Rochester, NY)United Church of Christ?
Ebenezer Baptist Church (Rochester, NY)Baptist?
Ebenezer Baptist Church 2 (Rochester, NY)Baptist?
Edgewood Free Methodist (Rochester, NY)Methodist?
Edgewood Free Methodist Church (Rochester, NY)Methodist?
Edgewood Free Methodist Church 2 (Rochester, NY)Methodist?
Elim Christian Fellowship (Rochester, NY)?
Elim Christian Fellowship of Rochester (Rochester, NY)?
Elmgrove United Methodist Church (Rochester, NY)United Methodist Church?
Emanuel Christian Church (Rochester, NY)?
Emanuel Christian Church Inc (Rochester, NY)?
Emmanuel Church of Jesus (Rochester, NY)?
Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church (Rochester, NY)Baptist?
End Time Deliverance Miracle Ministry (Rochester, NY)?
Enew Bethel CME Church (Rochester, NY)?
English Road Alliance Church (Rochester, NY)?
Ephraim Full Gospel Christian Center (Rochester, NY)
Faith Baptist Church (Rochester, NY)Baptist?
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