Churches in Roseville, MI

Agios Athanasios Greek Orthodox Church (Roseville, MI)
Antioch Baptist Church (Roseville, MI)Baptist?
Ascension Lutheran Church (Roseville, MI)Lutheran?
Bethany Lutheran Church (Roseville, MI)Lutheran?
Bethel Baptist Church (Roseville, MI)Baptist?
Bethel Baptist Church of Roseville (Roseville, MI)Baptist?
Christ Community Church (Roseville, MI)?
Church of Christ-South Macomb (Roseville, MI)?
Cornerstone Baptist Church (Roseville, MI)Baptist?
Detroit Christian Fellowship (Roseville, MI)?
Empowering Disciples Church (Roseville, MI)?
Erin Presbyterian Church (Roseville, MI)Presbyterian?
Evangel Christian Churches (Roseville, MI)?
First Baptist World Changers International Ministries (Roseville, MI)Baptist?
First Church Of Understanding (Roseville, MI)?
General Council Christian Church of North America (Roseville, MI)?
Grace Missionary Baptist Church (Roseville, MI)Baptist?
Healing for The Nationschristian Church (Roseville, MI)?
Healing Water Tabernacle (Roseville, MI)?
Holly Innocents (Roseville, MI)?
Holy Innocents Church (Roseville, MI)?
Immanuel Christian Reformed Church (Roseville, MI)Christian Reformed Church?
Methodist Church Trinity United-Roseville (Roseville, MI)Methodist?
Metropolitan Church (Roseville, MI)?
Metropolitan Church of the Nazarene (Roseville, MI)Church of the Nazarene?
New Grace Church of God in Christ (Roseville, MI)Church of God in Christ?
New Life Assembly of God (Roseville, MI)Assemblies of God?
Our Lord House of Prayer Christian Church (Roseville, MI)?
Prevailing Word Christian Center (Roseville, MI)?
Rhema House of Deliverance (Roseville, MI)?
Roseville Church of Christ (Roseville, MI)?
Sacred Heart Church (Roseville, MI)?
South Macomb Church of Christ (Roseville, MI)?
St Angela Church - Convent (Roseville, MI)
St Athanasius (Roseville, MI)?
St Luke AME Church (Roseville, MI)?
St Mark Lutheran Church (Roseville, MI)Lutheran?
Temple Baptist Ch of Roseville (Roseville, MI)Baptist?
Temple Baptist Church of Roseville (Roseville, MI)Baptist?
Trinity United Methodist Church (Roseville, MI)United Methodist Church?
True Testimonial of Jesus (Roseville, MI)?
True Testimonial of Jesus Church (Roseville, MI)

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