Churches in Sanford, FL

Abundant Harvest Church (Sanford, FL)?
All Souls Catholic Church (Sanford, FL)Catholic?
Allen AME Church (Sanford, FL)?
Allen Chapel AME Church (Sanford, FL)?
Ambassadors For Christ (Sanford, FL)?
Be Blessed (Sanford, FL)?
Bell BRO Clarence E (Sanford, FL)?
Bethlehem House of Praise Church (Sanford, FL)?
Breaking Bread Christian Center (Sanford, FL)
Calvary Temple of Praise Church (Sanford, FL)?
Center of God Church (Sanford, FL)?
Central Baptist Church (Sanford, FL)
Christ Missionary Church (Sanford, FL)?
Christ United Methodist Church (Sanford, FL)United Methodist Church?
Christian Deliverance Outreach Ministry (Sanford, FL)?
Christian Fellowship Baptist Church (Sanford, FL)Baptist?
Christian Missionary Alliance Church (Sanford, FL)?
Church of Christ (Sanford, FL)?
Church of Christ 2 (Sanford, FL)?
Church of God (Sanford, FL)?
Church of God by Faith (Sanford, FL)?
Church of God of Prophecy (Sanford, FL)?
Church of God of Prophecy Bible Place (Sanford, FL)?
Church of God of Prophesy (Sanford, FL)?
Church of the Nazarene (Sanford, FL)Church of the Nazarene?
City Church (Sanford, FL)?
Clearwater Missionary Baptist Church (Sanford, FL)Baptist?
Committed Worship Center (Sanford, FL)?
Common Ground Community Church (Sanford, FL)?
Community House of Prayer (Sanford, FL)?
Covenant Community Church (Sanford, FL)?
Covenant Community Church 2 (Sanford, FL)?
Crossings Community Church (Sanford, FL)?
Faith Missionary Church (Sanford, FL)?
Faithful Word Ministries (Sanford, FL)?
Family Worship Center (Sanford, FL)?
Family Worship Center 2 (Sanford, FL)?
First Baptist Church-Sanford (Sanford, FL)Baptist?
First Pentecostal Church (Sanford, FL)Pentecostal?
First Presbyterian Church 2 (Sanford, FL)Presbyterian?
First Presbyterian Church 3 (Sanford, FL)Presbyterian?
First Presbyterian Church Sanford (Sanford, FL)Presbyterian?
First Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church (Sanford, FL)Baptist?
First United Methodist (Sanford, FL)Methodist?
First United Methodist Church of Sanford (Sanford, FL)United Methodist Church?
Full Gospel House of Prayer (Sanford, FL)?
Gathering Place (Sanford, FL)?
Getting Your House in Order Ministries (Sanford, FL)?
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church ELCA (Sanford, FL)Evangelical Lutheran Church in America?
Grace Apostolic Temple (Sanford, FL)Pentecostal?
Grace Fellowship Congregational Church (Sanford, FL)?
Greater New Mount Zion Baptist (Sanford, FL)Baptist?
Greater New Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church (Sanford, FL)Baptist?
Holy Cross Episcopal Church (Sanford, FL)Episcopal?
Holy Trinity Church of God (Sanford, FL)?
House of Refuge Ministries (Sanford, FL)?
Iglesia Cristiana Bethel (Sanford, FL)?
Iglesia Vida Nueva (Sanford, FL)?
Images of Glory Ministries (Sanford, FL)?
Jordan Baptist Church (Sanford, FL)Baptist?
Lakeside Fellowship UMC (Sanford, FL)United Methodist Church?
Life Christian Church (Sanford, FL)?
Life Christian Church Inc (Sanford, FL)?
Lifeway Community Church (Sanford, FL)?
Lighthouse Baptist Church (Sanford, FL)Baptist?
Lion of Judah House of Worship (Sanford, FL)?
Lion of Judah House of Worship 2 (Sanford, FL)?
Living Water Community Church (Sanford, FL)?
Lutheran Church of the Redeemer-Missouri Synod (Sanford, FL)Lutheran?
Macedonia Primitive Baptist Church (Sanford, FL)Baptist?
Mars Hill Seventh-Day Adventist Church (Sanford, FL)?
Morning Glory (Sanford, FL)?
Morning Glory Church (Sanford, FL)?
Mount Sinai MB Church (Sanford, FL)?
Mount Zion Church of God in Christ (Sanford, FL)Church of God in Christ?
Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church (Sanford, FL)Baptist?
New Beginnings Christian Fellowship (Sanford, FL)?
New Bethel AME Church (Sanford, FL)
New Bethel Missionary Baptist (Sanford, FL)Baptist?
New Bethel Missionary Baptist Church (Sanford, FL)Baptist?
New Creation Lutheran Church (Sanford, FL)Lutheran?
New Creation Lutheran Church 2 (Sanford, FL)Lutheran?
New Life Word Center Church (Sanford, FL)?
New Mount Calvary Baptist Church (Sanford, FL)Baptist?
New Salem Primative Baptist Church (Sanford, FL)Baptist?
New Tribes Mission (Sanford, FL)?
New Zion Primitive Baptist Church (Sanford, FL)Baptist?
Our Lady Queen of Peace (Sanford, FL)?
Palmetto Ave Baptist Church (Sanford, FL)Baptist?
Pinecrest Baptist Church (Sanford, FL)Baptist?
Praying 4 U (Sanford, FL)?
Primera Iglesia Pentecostal De (Sanford, FL)Pentecostal?
Progress Missionary Baptist Church (Sanford, FL)Baptist?
Progress Missionary Baptist Church 2 (Sanford, FL)Baptist?
Providence Missionary Baptist Church (Sanford, FL)Baptist?
Refuge Church of Our Lord (Sanford, FL)?
Rejected Stone Full Mission Non Denominational Church (Sanford, FL)?
Rejected Stone Full Mission Nonominational Church (Sanford, FL)?
Rescue Church of God (Sanford, FL)?
Rescue Outreach Mission (Sanford, FL)?
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