Churches in Santa Fe, NM

Apostolic Revival Tabernacle (Santa Fe, NM)Pentecostal?
Berean Baptist Church (Santa Fe, NM)Baptist?
Berean Bible Church (Santa Fe, NM)?
Bienvenidos (Santa Fe, NM)?
Blaze Christian Fellowship (Santa Fe, NM)?
Calvary Baptist Church (Santa Fe, NM)Baptist?
Capital Christian Church (Santa Fe, NM)
Catholic Apostolic Church of Antioch (Santa Fe, NM)Catholic?
Christ Church Presbyterian (Santa Fe, NM)Presbyterian?
Christ Church Santa Fe Pca (Santa Fe, NM)Presbyterian Church in America?
Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church (Santa Fe, NM)
Christian Brothers (Santa Fe, NM)?
Christian Life (Santa Fe, NM)?
Church of Christ (Santa Fe, NM)?
Church of Christ 2 (Santa Fe, NM)?
Church of God (Santa Fe, NM)?
Church of Holy Faith (Santa Fe, NM)?
Church of the Holy Faith Episcopal (Santa Fe, NM)Episcopal?
Church of the Nazarene (Santa Fe, NM)Church of the Nazarene?
Cristo Rey Catholic Church (Santa Fe, NM)Catholic?
Eldorado Community Church (Santa Fe, NM)?
Eldorado Community Church 2 (Santa Fe, NM)?
First Baptist Church (Santa Fe, NM)
First Christian Church-Disciples of Christ (Santa Fe, NM)?
First Presbyterian Church (Santa Fe, NM)Presbyterian?
Friends Meeting (Santa Fe, NM)?
Grace Community Church (Santa Fe, NM)?
Holy Family Episcopal Church (Santa Fe, NM)Episcopal?
Holy Trinity Orthodox Church (Santa Fe, NM)Orthodox?
I Am Sanctuary (Santa Fe, NM)?
Iglesia Bautista El BUEN (Santa Fe, NM)?
Iglesia Cristiana Yo Soy (Santa Fe, NM)?
Immanuel Lutheran Church (Santa Fe, NM)Lutheran?
Immanuel Lutheran Church Lcms (Santa Fe, NM)Lutheran Church Missouri Synod?
Johrei Center of Santa Fe (Santa Fe, NM)?
Lc/Sangre De Cristo (Santa Fe, NM)?
Loretto Chapel (Santa Fe, NM)?
Lutheran Church of The Servant (Santa Fe, NM)Lutheran?
Methodist Church St John’s United (Santa Fe, NM)Methodist?
New Hope Church (Santa Fe, NM)?
New Life Family Fellowship (Santa Fe, NM)?
Newbeginnings Assembly of God (Santa Fe, NM)Assemblies of God?
Nuestra Senora De Guadalupe (Santa Fe, NM)?
Oneighty of Sante Fe (Santa Fe, NM)?
Our Lady of Guadalupe Church – Religious Educat (Santa Fe, NM)?
Potters House Christian Center (Santa Fe, NM)?
Praise Tabernacle (Santa Fe, NM)?
Praise Tabernacle 2 (Santa Fe, NM)?
Rodeo Road Baptist Church (Santa Fe, NM)Baptist?
Rodeo Road Baptist Church 2 (Santa Fe, NM)Baptist?
San Isidro Catholic Church (Santa Fe, NM)
San Isidro Catholic Church 2 (Santa Fe, NM)Catholic?
San Miguel Mission Church (Santa Fe, NM)?
Sangre De Cristo (Santa Fe, NM)?
Sangre de Cristo Bible Church (Santa Fe, NM)?
Sangre De Cristo Bible Church 2 (Santa Fe, NM)?
Santa Fe Baptist Association (Santa Fe, NM)Baptist?
Santa Fe Baptist Church (Santa Fe, NM)Baptist?
Santa Fe Christian Church (Santa Fe, NM)?
Santa Fe Christian Church 2 (Santa Fe, NM)?
Santa Fe Christian Church 3 (Santa Fe, NM)?
Santa Fe Christian Fellowship (Santa Fe, NM)?
Santa Fe Church of God (Santa Fe, NM)?
Santa Fe Marcy Park Seventh Day Adventist (Santa Fe, NM)Seventh day Adventist?
Santa Fe Seventh Day Adventist Church-English (Santa Fe, NM)Seventh day Adventist?
Santa Maria de La Paz Catholic Community (Santa Fe, NM)Catholic?
Seventh Day Adventist Church (Santa Fe, NM)Seventh day Adventist?
Seventh Day Adventist Church-English (Santa Fe, NM)Seventh day Adventist?
Sole Alliance Church (Santa Fe, NM)?
Spanish Baptist Church (Santa Fe, NM)Baptist?
St Anne Catholic Church (Santa Fe, NM)Catholic?
St Bede’s Episcopal Church (Santa Fe, NM)Episcopal?
St Elias the Prophet Greek Orthodox (Santa Fe, NM)Orthodox?
St Elias The Prophet Greek Orthodox Church (Santa Fe, NM)Orthodox?
St John The Baptist (Santa Fe, NM)Baptist?
St Juliana of Lazarevo Russian Orthodox Church (Santa Fe, NM)Orthodox?
Temple Baptist Church (Santa Fe, NM)Baptist?
The United Church of Santa Fe (NM)
Unity Church (Santa Fe, NM)?
Unity Santa Fe (NM)
Vineyard Christian Fellowship (Santa Fe, NM)?
Vineyard Christian Fellowship 2 (Santa Fe, NM)?
Westminster Presbyterian Church (Santa Fe, NM)Presbyterian?
ZIA United Methodist Church (Santa Fe, NM)United Methodist Church?
Zion Worship Center (Santa Fe, NM)?

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