Churches in Santee, CA

Bible Missionary Fellowship (Santee, CA)?
Calvary Chapel of Santee (Santee, CA)Calvary Chapel?
Calvary Chapel of Santee 2 (Santee, CA)Calvary Chapel?
Carlton Hills Luth. Church (Santee, CA)?
Carlton Hills Lutheran Church (Santee, CA)Lutheran?
Carlton Hills Southern Baptist Church (Santee, CA)Southern Baptist?
Celebration of Faith (Santee, CA)?
Christ The King Lutheran Church (Santee, CA)Lutheran?
Christ The King Lutheran Church 2 (Santee, CA)Lutheran?
Christ The King Lutheran Church 3 (Santee, CA)Lutheran?
Christ United Reformed Church (Santee, CA)United Reformed Church?
Christian Conservative Network (Santee, CA)?
Church of Christ (Santee, CA)?
Church of God-Cleveland Tennessee – Metro Christian Fel (Santee, CA)?
Church of God-Cleveland Tennessmtro Christian Fellowship (Santee, CA)?
Faith Bible Fellowship (Santee, CA)?
Friends Christian Fellowship (Santee, CA)?
God Over All Grace Covenants C (Santee, CA)?
Grace Church (Santee, CA)?
Guardian Angels Catholic Church (Santee, CA)Catholic?
Living Water Baptist Church (Santee, CA)Baptist?
Magnolia Wesleyan Church (Santee, CA)?
Metro Christian Fellowship Church (Santee, CA)?
New Heights Community Church (Santee, CA)?
Pathway Community Church (Santee, CA)?
Pathways Community Church of Santee (Santee, CA)?
Prospect Avenue Baptist Church (Santee, CA)Baptist?
Santee Christian Church (Santee, CA)?
Santee Church of Christ (Santee, CA)?
Santee Church of the Nazarene (Santee, CA)Church of the Nazarene?
Santee United Methodist (Santee, CA)Methodist?
Sonrise Community Baptist Church (Santee, CA)Baptists?
Sonrise Community Church (Santee, CA)?
St Columba’s Episcopal Church (Santee, CA)Episcopal?
United Pentacostal Church (Santee, CA)?
Valley Community Church (Santee, CA)?
Valley Orthodox Presbyterian Church (Santee, CA)Orthodox?
Welcome Home Ministries (Santee, CA)?
World Mission Society Church of God (Santee, CA)?

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