Churches in Scarborough, ON

Agincourt Baptist Church (Scarborough, ON)Baptist?
Agincourt Christian Assembly (Scarborough, ON)?
Agincourt Pentecostal Church (Scarborough, ON)Pentecostal?
Anglican Parish Churches in Toronto (Scarborough, ON)Church of England?
Anglican Parish Churches in Toronto 2 (Scarborough, ON)Church of England?
Armenian Brotherhood Bible Church (Scarborough, ON)?
Armenian Holy Trinity Church (Scarborough, ON, Canada)
Bethel Church of God (Scarborough, ON)?
Birchcliff Bluffs United Church (Scarborough, ON)?
Bridlegrove Bible Chapel (Scarborough, ON)?
Bridletowne Park Church (Scarborough, ON)?
Bus Stop Bible Studies (Scarborough, ON)?
Celestial Church of Christ Altar of Life Parish (Scarborough, ON)?
Centennial Rouge United Church (Scarborough, ON)?
Chinese United Church (Scarborough, ON)?
Christ Commission Church of Faith (Scarborough, ON)?
Christ Embassy International (Scarborough, ON)?
Christ Lutheran Church (Scarborough, ON)Lutheran?
Christian Assembly International (Scarborough, ON)?
Church of God of Prophecy (Scarborough, ON)?
Church of God of Prophecy 2 (Scarborough, ON)?
Church of Jesus Christ Apostolic (Scarborough, ON)Pentecostal?
Church of the Guiding Light (Scarborough, ON)?
Church of the Master (Scarborough, ON)?
Church of the Nazarene (Scarborough, ON)Church of the Nazarene?
Church of the Pentecost (Scarborough, ON)?
Churchwares Direct (Scarborough, ON)?
Clairlea Park Presbyterian Church (Scarborough, ON)Presbyterian?
Cliffcrest United Church (Scarborough, ON)?
Commonwealth Avenue Baptist Church (Scarborough, ON)Baptist?
Community Life Ctr (Scarborough, ON)?
Day of Pentecost Last Call Ministry (Scarborough, ON)?
Dorset Park Baptist Church (Scarborough, ON)Baptist?
Ebenezer Rivival Tabernacle (Scarborough, ON)?
Epiphany Lutheran Church (Scarborough, ON)Lutheran?
Epiphany of Our Lord Church (Scarborough, ON)?
Fairview Church of God (Scarborough, ON)?
Faith Reformed Baptist Church (Scarborough, ON, Canada)
Fallingbrook Presbyterian Church (Scarborough, ON)Presbyterian?
First Alliance Church (Scarborough, ON)?
Glen Ayr United Church (Scarborough, ON)?
Good Shepherd Community Church (Scarborough, ON)?
Good Shepherd’s Chinese (Scarborough, ON)?
Gospel Communication Centre of Canada (Scarborough, ON)?
Grace Apostolic Church (Scarborough, ON)Pentecostal?
Grace Bible Church Intl (Scarborough, ON)?
Grace Christian Reform Church (Scarborough, ON)?
Grace Gospel Tamil Church (Scarborough, ON)?
Grace Missionary Baptist Church (Scarborough, ON)Baptist?
Grace Presbyterian Church (Scarborough, ON)Presbyterian?
Gracepoint Baptist Church (Scarborough, ON)Baptist?
Guildwood Community Presbyterian Church (Scarborough, ON)Presbyterian?
Haber Church Envelopes Inc (Scarborough, ON)?
Heron Park Baptist Church (Scarborough, ON)Baptist?
Highway Gospel Church (Scarborough, ON)?
Holy Spirit Roman Catholic Church (Scarborough, ON)Catholic?
House of Prayer Community Church (Scarborough, ON)?
Immaculate Heart of Mary (Scarborough, ON)Catholic?
Iondale Heights United Church (Scarborough, ON)?
Jesus Calls Canada (Scarborough, ON)?
Jesus is Alive Ministries Intl (Scarborough, ON)?
Knox Presbyterian Church (Scarborough, ON)Presbyterian?
Knox United Church (Scarborough, ON)?
Living Stone Assembly (Scarborough, ON)?
Malvern Chinese Free Methodist Church (Scarborough, ON)Methodist?
Malvern Christian Assembly (Scarborough, ON)?
Malvern Community Baptist Church (Scarborough, ON)Baptist?
Malvern Emmanuel United Church (Scarborough, ON)?
Malvern Presbyterian Church (Scarborough, ON)Presbyterian?
Melville Presbyterian Church (Scarborough, ON)Presbyterian?
Milliken Chinese Community Church (Scarborough, ON)?
Miracle Centre Prayer Tower Intl (Scarborough, ON)?
Miracle Family Temple (Scarborough, ON)?
Mount Halibeth Christian Church Canada (Scarborough, ON)?
Nazareth Gospel Temple of Ontario (Scarborough, ON)?
New Life Christian Church (Scarborough, ON)?
New Life Efc Gospel Church (Scarborough, ON)?
Parkway Bible Church (Scarborough, ON)?
Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ 4th Watch (Scarborough, ON)Pentecostal?
People’s Worship Ctr (Scarborough, ON)?
Progress Church of God (Scarborough, ON)?
Progress Church of God 2 (Scarborough, ON)?
Reorganized Chr-Jesus Christ (Scarborough, ON)?
Rouge Valley Church (Scarborough, ON, Canada)
Saint Theresa Well of Life Spiritual Baptist Tabernacle (Scarborough, ON)Baptist?
Scarborough Bluffs United Church (Scarborough, ON)?
Scarborough Chinese Baptist Church (Scarborough, ON)Baptist?
Scarborough Gospel Temple (Scarborough, ON)?
Seventh-Day Adventist Churches (Scarborough, ON)?
Shiloh Seventh-Day Adventist (Scarborough, ON)?
St John’s Greek Orthodox Church (Scarborough, ON)Orthodox?
St John’s United Church (Scarborough, ON)?
St Mark’s United Church (Scarborough, ON)?
St Matthew’s Lutheran Church (Scarborough, ON)Lutheran?
St Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church (Scarborough, ON)Orthodox?
STS Peter & Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church (Scarborough, ON)Catholic?
The Master’s House Bible Fellowship (Scarborough, ON)?
Toronto Chinese SDA Church (Scarborough, ON)?
Toronto City Mission (Scarborough, ON)?
Toronto Free Presbyterian Church (Scarborough, ON)Presbyterian?
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