Churches in Sewickley, PA

Antioch Baptist Church (Sewickley, PA)Baptist?
Blackburn United Methodist Church (Sewickley, PA)United Methodist Church?
Christ Church At Grove Farm (Sewickley, PA)
Christ Hope Ecumenical Catholic Church (Sewickley, PA)Catholic?
Christy House (Sewickley, PA)?
Coachnet International Ministries (Sewickley, PA)?
Fairmount Presbyterian Church (Sewickley, PA)Presbyterian?
Fairmount Presbyterian Church 2 (Sewickley, PA)Presbyterian?
Fairmount Presbyterian Church 3 (Sewickley, PA)
Franklin Park Baptist Church (Sewickley, PA)Baptist?
Grace Episcopal Church (Sewickley, PA)Episcopal?
Guest John Evangelistic Team (Sewickley, PA)?
Little Hill United Methodist Church (Sewickley, PA)United Methodist Church?
Mount Nebo United Presbyterian Church (Sewickley, PA)
New Heights Church of God (Sewickley, PA)?
New Heights Church of God 2 (Sewickley, PA)?
Path of Orthodoxy (Sewickley, PA)Orthodox?
Presbyterian Church Student Center (Sewickley, PA)Presbyterian?
Saint Andrew’s UP Church of Sewickley (Sewickley, PA)?
Saint Brendan’s Episcopal Church (Sewickley, PA)Episcopal?
Saint Mary’s Church (Sewickley, PA)?
Saint Matthews AME Zion Church (Sewickley, PA)?
Saint Paul Lutheran Church (Sewickley, PA)Lutheran?
Saint Paul’s Lutheran Church (Sewickley, PA)Lutheran?
Saint Stephen’s Episcopal Church (Sewickley, PA)Episcopal?
Sewickley Lighthouse Baptist Church (Sewickley, PA)Baptist?
St Andrws United Presbyterian Church (Sewickley, PA)Presbyterian?
St James Catholic Church (Sewickley, PA)Catholic?
St James Catholic Church 2 (Sewickley, PA)Catholic?
St John and Paul Catholic Church (Sewickley, PA)Catholic?
Triump Baptist Church (Sewickley, PA)Baptist?

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