Churches in Sheridan, WY

Bethesda Worship Center (Sheridan, WY)?
Bethesda Worship Center 2 (Sheridan, WY)
Calvary Baptist Church (Sheridan, WY)Baptist?
Church of Christ (Sheridan, WY)?
Church of The Living God (Sheridan, WY)?
Church of The Nazarene (Sheridan, WY)Church of the Nazarene?
Cornerstone Community Church (Sheridan, WY)?
First Assembly of God (Sheridan, WY)Assemblies of God?
First Baptist Church (Sheridan, WY)Baptist?
First Baptist Church 2 (Sheridan, WY)
First Christian Church (Sheridan, WY)?
First Congregational Church-United Church of Christ (Sheridan, WY)United Church of Christ?
First Congregational UCC (Sheridan, WY)?
First Presbyterian Church (Sheridan, WY)Presbyterian?
First United Methodist Church (Sheridan, WY)United Methodist Church?
Good News Bible Church (Sheridan, WY)?
Grace Baptist Church (Sheridan, WY)Baptist?
Heine William Lutheran Church (Sheridan, WY)Lutheran?
Highpoint Christian Center (Sheridan, WY)?
Holy Name Catholic Church - Convent (Sheridan, WY)
Holy Name Catholic Church (Sheridan, WY)Catholic?
Holy Name Catholic Church 2 (Sheridan, WY)Catholic?
Holy Trinity Church (Sheridan, WY)?
Hope Community Church (Sheridan, WY)
Hope Community Church 2 (Sheridan, WY)?
Hope Community Church 3 (Sheridan, WY)?
Immanuel Lutheran Church (Sheridan, WY)Lutheran?
Mountainview Fellowship (Sheridan, WY)?
Mountainview Fellowship Baptist Church (Sheridan, WY)Baptist?
Northside Church of Christ (Sheridan, WY)?
Old Apostolic Lutheran Church (Sheridan, WY)Pentecostal?
Old Apostolic Lutheran Church 2 (Sheridan, WY)Pentecostal?
Presbyterian Church (Sheridan, WY)Presbyterian?
Rock (Sheridan, WY)?
Seventh Day Adventist Church (Sheridan, WY)Seventh day Adventist?
Sheridan Wesleyan Church (Sheridan, WY)?
St Peters Episcopal Church (Sheridan, WY)Episcopal?
Sunrise Assembly of God (Sheridan, WY)Assemblies of God?
Trinity Lutheran Church (Sheridan, WY)Lutheran?
United Pentecostal Church (Sheridan, WY)
United Pentecostal Church 2 (Sheridan, WY)Pentecostal?
Valley Lutheran Church (Sheridan, WY)Lutheran?
Valley Lutheran Church 2 (Sheridan, WY)Lutheran?
Vertical Church (Sheridan, WY)?

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