Churches in Somerville, MA

Assembly of God Alliance (Somerville, MA)Assemblies of God?
Assembly of God Boston (Somerville, MA)Assemblies of God?
Baptist Church Missionary of Faith (Somerville, MA)Baptist?
Beacon City Church (Somerville, MA)?
Boston Japanese Christian Church (Somerville, MA)?
Christ Episcopal Church (Somerville, MA)Episcopal?
Christian Community Ministry (Somerville, MA)?
Christian Fellowship of Boston (Somerville, MA)?
Church of The Nazarene of W Som (Somerville, MA)
Clarendon Hill Presbyterian Church (Somerville, MA)Presbyterian?
College AV Methodist Church (Somerville, MA)Methodist?
Community Baptist Church (Somerville, MA)Baptist?
Cornerstone Church (Somerville, MA)?
Evangelical Haitian Church of Somerville (Somerville, MA)?
First Cong Church of Somerville (Somerville, MA)?
First Congregation Church of Somerville (Somerville, MA)?
First Congregational Church of Somerville (Somerville, MA)?
Foursquare Church (Somerville, MA)?
Grace Baptist Church (Somerville, MA)Baptist?
Greek Orthodox Church (Somerville, MA)Orthodox?
Greek Orthodox Church Dormition (Somerville, MA)Orthodox?
Holy Bible Baptist Church (Somerville, MA)Baptist?
Igreja Presbiteriana De Boston (Somerville, MA)?
International Church of The Grace of God (Somerville, MA)?
International Ministries Assembly of God (Somerville, MA)Assemblies of God?
Life Community Center (Somerville, MA)?
Maranatha Christian Church (Somerville, MA)?
Mission Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ (Somerville, MA)
Presbyterian Church (Somerville, MA)
Saint Anns Parish (Somerville, MA)?
Seedtime and Harvest Bible (Somerville, MA)?
Sister’s of Notre Dame (Somerville, MA)?
Sisters of Notre Dame 2 (Somerville, MA)
Sisters of St Joseph (Somerville, MA)?
St Anthony’s Parish (Somerville, MA)?
St James Episcopal Church (Somerville, MA)Episcopal?
St Joseph’s Parish (Somerville, MA)?
Unity Church Of God (Somerville, MA)?
World Revival Church Assembly of God (Somerville, MA)Assemblies of God?

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