Churches in South Gate, CA

American Indian Bible Church (South Gate, CA)?
Baptist Landmark Missionary Baptist Church (South Gate, CA)Baptist?
Bible Covenant Church (South Gate, CA)?
Church of God of Prophecy (South Gate, CA)?
Cofradia Our Lady of Charity (South Gate, CA)?
Cristiano Centro Familiar (South Gate, CA)?
Evangelica Baptist Church (South Gate, CA)Baptist?
Faith Lutheran Church of Hollydale (South Gate, CA)Lutheran?
FEY ES Y Esperanza (South Gate, CA)?
Filipino American Seventh Day AST Church of Hllydle (South Gate, CA)Seventh day Adventist?
First Baptist Church (South Gate, CA)Baptist?
First Christian Church of South Gate (South Gate, CA)?
First Indian Baptist Church (South Gate, CA)Baptist?
Foursquare Church of South Gate (South Gate, CA)?
Grace Bible Church (South Gate, CA)?
Grace Presbyterian Church (South Gate, CA)Presbyterian?
Harvest of Hope (South Gate, CA)?
Hollydale Community Church of SDA (South Gate, CA)?
Hope Christian Center (South Gate, CA)?
Iglesia Bautista El Redentor (South Gate, CA)?
Iglesia Bautista Fundament AL La GRAN Comision (South Gate, CA)?
Iglesia Bautista Libre Pinos Del Libano (South Gate, CA)?
Iglesia Calvario (South Gate, CA)?
Iglesia Christiana El Salvador Del Mundo (South Gate, CA)?
Iglesia De Dio Companerismo (South Gate, CA)?
Iglesia de DIOS (South Gate, CA)?
Iglesia De Dios 2 (South Gate, CA)?
Iglesia Del Nazareno Paramount (South Gate, CA)?
Iglesia Evangelica Bautista (South Gate, CA)?
Iglesia Fundamental Lagran Comision (South Gate, CA)?
Iglesia Presbiteriana Betel (South Gate, CA)?
La Senda ; Antigua Iglesia Penttal (South Gate, CA)?
La Senda Antigua Iglesia Pentecostal (South Gate, CA)Pentecostal?
Libreria Templo Calvario (South Gate, CA)?
Maranatha Evangelistic Center (South Gate, CA)?
Massanet Roberto & Annie Pastores (South Gate, CA)?
Massanet Roberto and Annie-Pastores 2 (South Gate, CA)?
Ministerio Gloria De Sion (South Gate, CA)?
Mission Cristiana Rey de Gloria (South Gate, CA)?
New Horizon Church (South Gate, CA)?
New Horizon Church of God (South Gate, CA)?
Peace Lutheran Church (South Gate, CA)Lutheran?
Pentecostal Church of God CHD (South Gate, CA)Pentecostal?
Primera Iglesia Bautista El Peregrino (South Gate, CA)?
Primera Iglesias Bautista de South Gate (South Gate, CA)?
Primera Inglesia Biblica Fundamental (South Gate, CA)?
Redeemer Baptist Church (South Gate, CA)Baptist?
Saint Margaret’s Episcopal Church (South Gate, CA)Episcopal?
South Gate Church of Christ (South Gate, CA)?
South Gate First Baptist Church (South Gate, CA)Baptist?
South Gate Foursquare Church (South Gate, CA)?
Spanish Baptist Church (South Gate, CA)Baptist?
St Helen’s South Gate Catholic Church (South Gate, CA)Catholic?
St Margaret’s Episcopal Church (South Gate, CA)Episcopal?
Templo De Alabanza (South Gate, CA)?
The Spanish Baptist Church (South Gate, CA)
Trinity Bible Church (South Gate, CA)?
Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (South Gate, CA)?
Victory Outreach South Gate (South Gate, CA)?
World Mission Marantha (South Gate, CA)?

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