Churches in Spokane Valley, WA

All Saints Episcopal Church (Spokane Valley, WA)Episcopal?
Berean Bible Church (Spokane Valley, WA)?
Bethel Missionary Baptist Church (Spokane Valley, WA)Baptist?
Bible Baptist Church (Spokane Valley, WA)Baptist?
Center of Life Church (Spokane Valley, WA)?
Chester Community Church (Spokane Valley, WA)?
Christ Lutheran (Spokane Valley, WA)Lutheran?
Christ Our Hope Bible Church (Spokane Valley, WA)?
Christ The Savior Orthodox Christian Church (Spokane Valley, WA)Orthodox?
Church Missions Link (Spokane Valley, WA)?
Church of Christ-Valley (Spokane Valley, WA)?
Church of God Fellowship (Spokane Valley, WA)?
Community Church of The Bible (Spokane Valley, WA)?
Cornerstone Spokane Valley’s Pentecostal Church (Spokane Valley, WA)Pentecostal?
Dishman Baptist Church (Spokane Valley, WA)
East Valley Baptist Church (Spokane Valley, WA)Baptist?
Eastpoint Church (Spokane Valley, WA)?
Episcopal Church of The Resurrection (Spokane Valley, WA)Episcopal?
Free Methodist Church (Spokane Valley, WA)Methodist?
Gethsemane Lutheran Church (Spokane Valley, WA)Lutheran?
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church (Spokane Valley, WA)Lutheran?
Grace Harvest Fellowship (Spokane Valley, WA)?
Green Acres Baptist Church (Spokane Valley, WA)Baptist?
Greenacres Christian Church (Spokane Valley, WA)?
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church Lca (Spokane Valley, WA)Lutheran?
Hope Lutheran Church (Spokane Valley, WA)Lutheran?
Independent Baptist Church (Spokane Valley, WA)Baptist?
Life River Fellowship (Spokane Valley, WA)?
New Hope Bible Church (Spokane Valley, WA)?
New Hope Christian Center (Spokane Valley, WA)?
Opportunity Baptist Church (Spokane Valley, WA)Baptist?
Opportunity Baptist Church Garbc (Spokane Valley, WA)Baptist?
Opportunity Christian Fellowship (Spokane Valley, WA)
Opportunity Presbyterian Church (Spokane Valley, WA)Presbyterian?
Pines Baptist Church (Spokane Valley, WA)Baptist?
Redeemer Lutheran Church (Spokane Valley, WA)Lutheran?
Spokane Dream Center (Spokane Valley, WA)?
Spokane Valley Adventist Church (Spokane Valley, WA)?
Spokane Valley Church of The Nazarene (Spokane Valley, WA)Church of the Nazarene?
Spokane Valley United Methodist (Spokane Valley, WA)Methodist?
Spokane Valley United Methodist Church (Spokane Valley, WA)United Methodist Church?
Spokane Valley Wesleyan Church (Spokane Valley, WA)?
St John Vianney Church (Spokane Valley, WA)?
Valley Fourth Memorial Church (Spokane Valley, WA)?
Valley Landmark Missionary Baptist Church (Spokane Valley, WA)Baptist?
Valley View Baptist Church (Spokane Valley, WA)Baptist?
Veradale United Church of Christ (Spokane Valley, WA)United Church of Christ?
Victory Faith Fellowship (Spokane Valley, WA)?
Washington Spokane Missions (Spokane Valley, WA)?

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