Churches in Sumter, SC

Abundant Faith Church (Sumter, SC)?
Aldersgate United Methodist (Sumter, SC)Methodist?
Alice Drive Baptist Church (Sumter, SC)Baptist?
Allen Chapel AME (Sumter, SC)African Methodist Episcopal Church?
Antioch United Methodist Church (Sumter, SC)United Methodist Church?
Bethel AME Church (Sumter, SC)?
Bethel AME Church 2 (Sumter, SC)?
Bethel Baptist Church (Sumter, SC)Baptist?
Bethel Methodist Church (Sumter, SC)Methodist?
Bethesda Baptist Church (Sumter, SC)Baptist?
Bethesda Church of God (Sumter, SC)?
Bethesda Church of God 2 (Sumter, SC)?
Bethlehem Baptist Church (Sumter, SC)Baptist?
Better- Life Gospel Church (Sumter, SC)?
Beulah Ume Church (Sumter, SC)?
Bible Fellowship Church (Sumter, SC)?
Bible Way Church of Sumter (Sumter, SC)?
Bondovlove Baptist Church (Sumter, SC)Baptist?
Calvary Bible Church (Sumter, SC)?
Calvary Nazarene Church (Sumter, SC)Church of the Nazarene?
Canaan Missionary Baptist Church (Sumter, SC)Baptist?
Cedar Grove Missionary Baptist Church (Sumter, SC)Baptist?
Cedar Grove Missionary Baptist Church of Sumter (Sumter, SC)Baptist?
Cherryvale Baptist Church (Sumter, SC)Baptist?
Christ Community Church (Sumter, SC)?
Christian Tabernacle Church (Sumter, SC)?
Church Eastside Baptist (Sumter, SC)Baptist?
Church of Christ (Sumter, SC)?
Church of Christ 2 (Sumter, SC)?
Church of Christ 3 (Sumter, SC)?
Church of Christ 4 (Sumter, SC)?
Church of Christ Plaza (Sumter, SC)?
Church Of God By Faith (Sumter, SC)?
Church of God of Prophecy (Sumter, SC)?
Church of God of Prophecy 2 (Sumter, SC)?
Church of Good Shepherd (Sumter, SC)?
Church of The Good Shepherd (Sumter, SC)?
Church of The Holy Comforter (Sumter, SC)?
Church of The Holy Cross (Sumter, SC)?
Church of The Living God (Sumter, SC)?
City of Refuge Church (Sumter, SC)?
Concord Baptist Church of Sumter (Sumter, SC)Baptist?
Concord Presbyterian Church (Sumter, SC)Presbyterian?
Corin Ministry (Sumter, SC)?
Crosswell Baptist Church (Sumter, SC)
Crosswell Baptist Church 2 (Sumter, SC)Baptist?
Earthen Vessel Charismatic Catholic Church (Sumter, SC)Catholic?
Eastside Baptist Church (Sumter, SC)Baptist?
Ebenezer Presbyterian Church (Sumter, SC)Presbyterian?
Emmanuel United Methodist Church (Sumter, SC)United Methodist Church?
Enon Missionary Baptist Church (Sumter, SC)
Evangelical Baptist Church (Sumter, SC)Baptist?
Faith Baptist Church (Sumter, SC)Baptist?
Faith Presbyterian Church (Sumter, SC)Presbyterian?
Faith Tabernacle Outreach Ctr (Sumter, SC)?
Faith Tabernacle World Outreach Center (Sumter, SC)?
First Assembly of God (Sumter, SC)Assemblies of God?
First Baptist Church (Sumter, SC)Baptist?
First Baptist Church 2 (Sumter, SC)Baptist?
First Baptist Church of Sumter (Sumter, SC)Baptist?
First Baptist Missionary Church (Sumter, SC)Baptist?
First Church of God (Sumter, SC)?
First Church of The Nazarene (Sumter, SC)Church of the Nazarene?
First Pentecostal Holiness Church (Sumter, SC)Pentecostal?
First Presbyterian Church, West Center (Sumter, SC)Presbyterian?
First Southern Methodist Church (Sumter, SC)Methodist?
First United Pentecostal Church (Sumter, SC)Pentecostal?
Fraser Memorial Presbyterian Church (Sumter, SC)
Friendship Baptist Church (Sumter, SC)Baptist?
Gateway Baptist Church (Sumter, SC)Baptist?
Good Shepherd Outreach Ministry (Sumter, SC)?
Grace Cathedral Ministries (Sumter, SC)?
Grace FWB Church of PF (Sumter, SC)?
Graham Baptist Church (Sumter, SC)Baptist?
Greater Community Church (Sumter, SC)?
Greater St Paul Church (Sumter, SC)?
Greater Zion Sounds of Praise (Sumter, SC)?
Green Acres Assembly of God (Sumter, SC)Assemblies of God?
Hansam Korean Evangelical Church of Sumter (Sumter, SC)?
Harmony Church (Sumter, SC)?
Hebron- Presbyterian Church (Sumter, SC)Presbyterian?
Hickory Road Baptist Church (Sumter, SC)Baptist?
Hickory Road Baptist Church 2 (Sumter, SC)Baptist?
Hillcrest Baptist Church (Sumter, SC)Baptist?
House of God (Sumter, SC)?
House Of Prayer (Sumter, SC)?
Jefferson Road Free Will Baptist Church (Sumter, SC)Baptist?
Jehovah Missionary Baptist Church (Sumter, SC)Baptist?
Kingdom Living Christian Ministries (Sumter, SC)?
Korean American Presbyterian (Sumter, SC)Presbyterian?
Lake Wood Baptist Church (Sumter, SC)Baptist?
Lemira Presbyterian Church (Sumter, SC)
Lemira Presbyterian Church Arp (Sumter, SC)Presbyterian?
Lewis Chapel Zoar Methodist Church (Sumter, SC)Methodist?
Life Changing Community Church (Sumter, SC)?
Little Zion House of Prayer (Sumter, SC)?
Meadowbrook Church of God (Sumter, SC)?
Mechanicsville UM Church (Sumter, SC)?
Midland Pentecostal Holiness Church (Sumter, SC)Pentecostal?
Miracle Deliverance Temple (Sumter, SC)?
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