Churches in Surrey, BC

Amazing Grace United Church (Surrey, BC)?
Berea Baptist Church (Surrey, BC)Baptist?
Bethany-Newton United Church (Surrey, BC)?
Bethel United Apostolic Church (Surrey, BC)Pentecostal?
Bible Fellowship Foursquare Church (Surrey, BC)?
Bible Fellowship Missionary Society (Surrey, BC)?
Blessed by God New Covenant Church (Surrey, BC)?
Bread of Life Christian Church (Surrey, BC)?
Calvary Chapel (Surrey, BC)Calvary Chapel?
Calvary Christian Church (Surrey, BC)?
Calvary Grace Fellowship (Surrey, BC)?
Calvary Pentecostal Tabernacle (Surrey, BC)Pentecostal?
Canadian Reformed Churches (Surrey, BC)Reformed?
Catholic Churches & Institutions (Surrey, BC)Catholic?
Cedar Hills Mennonite Church (Surrey, BC)Mennonites?
Central City Church (Surrey, BC)?
Christ Redeemer Church (Surrey, BC, Canada)
Christ the King Lutheran Church (Surrey, BC)Lutheran?
Christ the King Presbyterian (Surrey, BC)Presbyterian?
Christ Worship Ctr (Surrey, BC)?
Christadelphians (Surrey, BC)?
Christian & Missionary Alliance (Surrey, BC)?
Christian Life Assembly (Surrey, BC)?
Christian Reformed Churches (Surrey, BC)Christian Reformed Church?
Church of Christ (Surrey, BC)?
Church of the Epiphany (Surrey, BC)?
Cloverdale Baptist Church (Surrey, BC)Baptist?
Cloverdale Bible Way (Surrey, BC)?
Cloverdale Christian Fellowship (Surrey, BC)?
Cloverdale Evangelical Free (Surrey, BC)Evangelical Free Church?
Cloverdale United Church (Surrey, BC)?
Cloverdale Vineyard Church (Surrey, BC)?
Coast Hills Community Church (Surrey, BC)?
Colebrook United Church (Surrey, BC)?
Cornerstone Community Church (Surrey, BC)?
Crescent United Church (Surrey, BC)?
Crossway Community Church (Surrey, BC)?
Crystal Cathedral Ministries of Canada (Surrey, BC)?
Danish Lutheran Granly Church (Surrey, BC)Lutheran?
Don Stewart Evangelistic Assn (Surrey, BC)?
Emmanuel Evangelical Covenant (Surrey, BC)?
Emmanuel Romanian Penticostal Church (Surrey, BC, Canada)
Faith Lutheran Church LCC (Surrey, BC)Lutheran?
Faith Mission Christian (Surrey, BC)?
Feed the Hungry (Surrey, BC)?
Fleetwood Gospel Hall (Surrey, BC)?
Fleetwood International Church (Surrey, BC)?
Foursquare Gospel Church (Surrey, BC)?
Free Presbyterian Church (Surrey, BC)Presbyterian?
Gatehouse Community Church (Surrey, BC)?
Gateway Baptist Church (Surrey, BC, Canada)
Good Shepherd Church (Surrey, BC)?
Grace Baptist Church (Surrey, BC)Baptist?
Grace Communion International Canada (Surrey, BC)?
Grace Hanin Community Church (Surrey, BC)?
Grace Presbyterian Church (Surrey, BC)Presbyterian?
Gracepoint Community Church (Surrey, BC)?
Greek Orthodox Surrey (Surrey, BC)Orthodox?
Gurdwara Sahib Dasmesh Darbar (Surrey, BC)?
Hazelmere United Church (Surrey, BC)?
Hindi Punjabi Fraserview Gospel Chapel (Surrey, BC)?
Holy Ghost Riders Ministries (Surrey, BC)?
Iglesia Sraternidad Fraternital Cristiana (Surrey, BC)?
Immanuel Korean Church (Surrey, BC)?
Insight for Living Ministries (Surrey, BC)?
International Missionary Soc (Surrey, BC)?
Jesus Christ Hope Mission Ctr (Surrey, BC)?
Jesus is Lord Fellowship (Surrey, BC)?
Kenneth Copeland Ministries (Surrey, BC)?
Korean Central Presbyterian (Surrey, BC)Presbyterian?
Kwanglim Methodist Church (Surrey, BC)Methodist?
Lighthouse of Faith Fellowship (Surrey, BC)?
Living Hope Christian Fellowship (Surrey, BC)?
Living Hope Christian FLSHP (Surrey, BC, Canada)
Mount Olive Lutheran Church (Surrey, BC)Lutheran?
New Beginning Community Church (Surrey, BC)?
New Beginning Community Church 2 (Surrey, BC)?
New Life Assembly (Surrey, BC)?
New Life Evangelistic Assn (Surrey, BC)?
Newton Fellowship Baptist Church (Surrey, BC)Baptist?
North Surrey Gospel Chapel (Surrey, BC)?
Northwood United Church (Surrey, BC)?
Oak Avenue United Church (Surrey, BC)?
Pacific Community Church (Surrey, BC)?
Peace Arch Fellowship (Surrey, BC)?
Peace Portal Alliance Church (Surrey, BC)?
Pentecostal Lighthouse (Surrey, BC)Pentecostal?
People’s Full Gospel Church (Surrey, BC)?
Port Kells Congregational (Surrey, BC)?
Presbyterian Church in Canada (Surrey, BC)Presbyterian?
Relate Church (Surrey, BC, Canada)
Riverside Vineyard Church (Surrey, BC)?
Rock Christian Church (Surrey, BC)?
Saint Elias Orthodox Church (Surrey, BC)Orthodox?
Seaview Pentecostal Assembly (Surrey, BC)Pentecostal?
Seventh-Day Adventist (Surrey, BC)?
Seventh-Day Adventist Church (Surrey, BC)?
Sonrise Full Gospel Church (Surrey, BC)?
Southside Community Church (Surrey, BC)?
St Andrew’s Newton (Surrey, BC)?
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