Churches in Sweet Home, OR

Bethel Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (Sweet Home, OR)Lutheran?
Bethel Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod 2 (Sweet Home, OR)Lutheran?
Church of Christ HWY 20 (Sweet Home, OR)?
Church of Christ Non-Instrumental (Sweet Home, OR)?
Church of Christ-Christian (Sweet Home, OR)?
Church of the Nazarene (Sweet Home, OR)Church of the Nazarene?
Community Chapel (Sweet Home, OR)?
Community Chapel 2 (Sweet Home, OR)
Cornerstone Fellowship (Sweet Home, OR)?
Cornerstone Fellowship A Foursquare Gospel Church (Sweet Home, OR)?
Crawfordsville Community Church (Sweet Home, OR)?
Elm Street Baptist Church (Sweet Home, OR)Baptist?
Embassy House Ministries (Sweet Home, OR)?
Evangelical Church (Sweet Home, OR)?
Fir Lawn Lutheran Church ELCA (Sweet Home, OR)Evangelical Lutheran Church in America?
First Baptist Church (Sweet Home, OR)Baptist?
Foster Baptist Church (Sweet Home, OR)Baptist?
Grace Bible Fellowship (Sweet Home, OR)?
Harvest Christian Center (Sweet Home, OR)?
Hillside Fellowship (Sweet Home, OR)
Holley Christian Church (Sweet Home, OR)?
Methodist Church United-Sweet Home (Sweet Home, OR)Methodist?
Pentecostal Church of God (Sweet Home, OR)Pentecostal?
Seventh-Day Adventist Church (Sweet Home, OR)
Sovereign Grace Bible Church (Sweet Home, OR)?
St Francis Episcopal Church (Sweet Home, OR)Episcopal?
St Helens Catholic Church (Sweet Home, OR)Catholic?
Sweet Home Assembly of God (Sweet Home, OR)Assemblies of God?
Sweet Home Evangelical Church (Sweet Home, OR)?
Sweet Home Mennonite Church (Sweet Home, OR)Mennonites?
Victory Faith Fellowship (Sweet Home, OR)

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