Churches in Toronto, ON

All Nations Christian FLSHP (Toronto, ON)?
All Peoples Korean PRSBTRN Church (Toronto, ON)?
Angelican Church St Saviour (Toronto, ON)?
Apostolic Christian Church (Toronto, ON)Pentecostal?
Apostolic Church (Toronto, ON)Pentecostal?
Armour Heights (Toronto, ON)?
Assemblies of the First Born (Toronto, ON)?
Bathurst Street United Church (Toronto, ON)?
Beach United Church (Toronto, ON)?
Bedford Park United Church (Toronto, ON)?
Belarusan Orthodox Church (Toronto, ON)Orthodox?
Belarusian Greek Orthodox (Toronto, ON)Orthodox?
Bloor Street United Church (Toronto, ON)?
Bonar-Parkdale Presbyterian Church (Toronto, ON)Presbyterian?
Britten Memorial Church (Toronto, ON)?
Brock Avenue Gospel Hall (Toronto, ON)?
Calvary Baptist Church (Toronto, ON)Baptist?
Calvary Church (Toronto, ON)?
Calvin Presbyterian Church (Toronto, ON, Canada)
Canadian Council of Churches (Toronto, ON)?
Catholic Charismatic Renewal (Toronto, ON)Catholic?
Celestial Church of Christ (Toronto, ON)?
Central Charismatic Word of Grace (Toronto, ON)?
Centre for Student Missions (Toronto, ON)?
Chinese Gospel Church (Toronto, ON)?
Chinese Grace Baptist Church (Toronto, ON)Baptist?
Christadelphian Church (Toronto, ON)?
Christadelphians (Toronto, ON)?
Christian Resource Centre-Regent Park Community Cent (Toronto, ON)?
Christie Street Baptist Church (Toronto, ON)Baptist?
Church of Blessed Sacrament (Toronto, ON)?
Church of Christ (Toronto, ON)?
Church of Christ 2 (Toronto, ON)?
Church of Firstborn Apostolic (Toronto, ON, Canada)
Church of God of Prophecy (Toronto, ON)?
Church of Light of Canada (Toronto, ON)?
Church of the Epiphany (Toronto, ON)?
Church of the Holy Trinity (Toronto, ON)?
Church of the Nazarene (Toronto, ON)Church of the Nazarene?
Clo Canada (Toronto, ON)?
College St Church of God (Toronto, ON)?
College St United Church (Toronto, ON)?
Community of Christ (Toronto, ON)?
Conerstone Baptist Tabernacle (Toronto, ON)Baptist?
Cornerstone Baptist Tabernacle (Toronto, ON)Baptist?
Corpus Christi (Toronto, ON)?
Covenant Christian Church (Toronto, ON)?
Crawford St Congregational Church (Toronto, ON)?
Czechoslovak Baptist Church (Toronto, ON)Baptist?
Danforth Baptist Church (Toronto, ON)Baptist?
Danforth Community Church (Toronto, ON)?
Danforth Gospel Hall (Toronto, ON)?
Danforth Gospel Temple (Toronto, ON)?
Danforth Mennonite Church (Toronto, ON)Mennonites?
Davenport Perth Community Church (Toronto, ON)?
Debre Selam St Michael Ethiopian Church (Toronto, ON)?
Debre Selam St Micheal Ethiopian Orthodox Church (Toronto, ON)Orthodox?
Deer Park United Church (Toronto, ON)?
Dewi Sant Welsh United Church (Toronto, ON)?
Dovercourt Baptist Church (Toronto, ON)Baptist?
East Toronto Presbyterian Church (Toronto, ON)Presbyterian?
Eastminster United Church (Toronto, ON)?
Eglinton St George’s United Church (Toronto, ON)?
Emmanuel-Howard Park United Church (Toronto, ON)?
Estonian Baptist Church (Toronto, ON, Canada)
Estonian Ev Lutheran Church Consistory (Toronto, ON)Lutheran?
Estonian Evangelical Covenant (Toronto, ON)?
Ethiopian Evangelical Church (Toronto, ON)?
Evangelica Spanish Church (Toronto, ON)?
Evangelical Fellowship Chapel (Toronto, ON)?
Fairlawn Avenue United Church (Toronto, ON)?
Faith Believers Tabernacle (Toronto, ON)?
Faith Temple (Toronto, ON)?
Farmer Memorial Baptist Church (Toronto, ON)Baptist?
First Baptist Church (Toronto, ON)Baptist?
First Evangelical Lutheran Church (Toronto, ON)Lutheran?
First Filipino Baptist Church (Toronto, ON)Baptist?
First International Baptist Church (Toronto, ON)Baptist?
Formosan Christian Church (Toronto, ON)?
Forward Baptist Church (Toronto, ON)Baptist?
Foundation for Life Family Church (Toronto, ON)?
Franciscan Friars (Toronto, ON)?
Friends’ Meeting House (Toronto, ON)?
Full Gospel Young Sung Church (Toronto, ON)?
German United Church (Toronto, ON)?
Ghanaian Presbyterian Church of Toronto (ON, Canada)
Glebe Road United Church (Toronto, ON)?
Glen Rhodes United Church (Toronto, ON)?
Glenview Presbyterian Church (Toronto, ON)Presbyterian?
God’s Kingdom Church (Toronto, ON)?
Good News Church (Toronto, ON)?
Gospel Hall (Toronto, ON)?
Gospel Light Tabernacle Church of God (Toronto, ON, Canada)
Gospel of Love (Toronto, ON)?
Grace Gospel Tamil Church (Toronto, ON)?
Grace Toronto Church (Toronto, ON)?
Grace Toronto Church 2 (ON, Canada)
Grant African Methodist Episcopal Church (Toronto, ON)African Methodist Episcopal Church?
Greek Orthodox Annunciation (Toronto, ON)Orthodox?
Greek Orthodox Church (Toronto, ON)Orthodox?
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