Churches in Torrington, CT

Advent Christian Church (Torrington, CT)?
Advent Christian Church 2 (Torrington, CT)?
Calvary Baptist Church (Torrington, CT)Baptist?
Calvary Baptist Church ABC (Torrington, CT)Baptist?
Center Congregational Church (Torrington, CT)?
Christian Apostolic Church (Torrington, CT)Pentecostal?
Christian Apostolic Church 2 (Torrington, CT)Pentecostal?
Congregational Church (Torrington, CT)?
Evangelical Baptist Church (Torrington, CT)Baptist?
Fellowship of Believers (Torrington, CT)?
First Assembly of God (Torrington, CT)
First Congregational Church of Torrington (Torrington, CT)?
First Connecticut Open Bible Standard Church (Torrington, CT)?
First Pentecostal Church (Torrington, CT)Pentecostal?
First United Methodist Church – the Good Word (Torrington, CT)United Methodist Church?
First United Methodist Church (Torrington, CT)United Methodist Church?
Full Gospel Lighthouse Church (Torrington, CT)?
Grace Life Church (Torrington, CT)?
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church (Torrington, CT)Lutheran?
Living Faith Christian Center (Torrington, CT)?
Northwest Hills Community Church (Torrington, CT)
Seventh Day Adventist (Torrington, CT)Seventh day Adventist?
St Francis of Assisi Church (Torrington, CT)?
St Maron Church (Torrington, CT)?
St Mary’s Church (Torrington, CT)?
St Paul Lutheran Church (Torrington, CT)Lutheran?
St Paul’s Lutheran Church (Torrington, CT)Lutheran?
St Peter’s Church (Torrington, CT)?
Torrington Cluster of Roman Catholic Parishes (Torrington, CT)Catholic?
Torrington Foursquare Church (Torrington, CT)?
Torrington Gospel Hall (Torrington, CT)?
Trinity Episcopal Church (Torrington, CT)Episcopal?
United Congregational Church (Torrington, CT)?
Workman Memorial AME Zion Church (Torrington, CT)?

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