Churches in Troy, OH

Abundant Life AG (Troy, OH)
Abundant Life Center A-g (Troy, OH)?
Abundant Life Ministry (Troy, OH)?
Agape Ministries (Troy, OH)?
Agape Ministries 2 (Troy, OH)?
Alcony Grace Church (Troy, OH)?
Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ (Troy, OH)Pentecostal?
Arrowood Rick W (Troy, OH)?
Calvary Baptist (Troy, OH)Baptist?
Carter, Desiree (Troy, OH)?
Church Of The Brethren (Troy, OH)?
Church of The Nazarene (Troy, OH)Church of the Nazarene?
Church of the Nazarene-Troy 2 (Troy, OH)Church of the Nazarene?
Cornerstone Baptist Church (Troy, OH)Baptist?
Cornerstone Baptist Church 2 (Troy, OH)Baptist?
Cornerstone Baptist Church 3 (Troy, OH)Baptist?
Courts of Praise Open Bible Church (Troy, OH)?
Cove Springs Church (Troy, OH)?
Cove Springs United Church of Christ (Troy, OH)United Church of Christ?
Crosspoint Church (Troy, OH)?
First Baptist Church (Troy, OH)Baptist?
First Lutheran Church (Troy, OH)Lutheran?
First Presbyterian Church (Troy, OH)Presbyterian?
First United Church of Christ (Troy, OH)United Church of Christ?
First United Methodist (Troy, OH)Methodist?
First United Methodist Church (Troy, OH)United Methodist Church?
Full Gospel Community Church of God (Troy, OH)?
Gospel of Abundant Life (Troy, OH)?
Grace (Troy, OH)?
Grace Apostolic Family Worship Center (Troy, OH)Pentecostal?
Grace Baptist Church (Troy, OH)Baptist?
Grace Baptist Church 2 (Troy, OH)Baptist?
Grace Brethren Church (Troy, OH)?
Heartland Church (Troy, OH)?
Koinos (Troy, OH)?
Koinos Christian Fellowship (Troy, OH)?
Koinos Christian Fellowship 2 (Troy, OH)?
Living Hope Ministries (Troy, OH)?
Living Word Fellowship (Troy, OH)?
Miami Valley Christian Center (Troy, OH)?
Mid-County-Church of Christ (Troy, OH)?
Missionary Church East Central (Troy, OH)?
Missionary Church East Central District (Troy, OH)?
New Life Baptist Ministry (Troy, OH)Baptist?
New Life Worship Center (Troy, OH)?
Pace’s Place Ministries (Troy, OH)?
Sherwood Heights First Church God (Troy, OH)?
St James Community Church (Troy, OH)?
St John’s United Church of Christ (Troy, OH)United Church of Christ?
St Patrick’s Church (Troy, OH)?
Tabernacle of the Lord Jesus Christ (Troy, OH)?
Trinity Episcopal Church (Troy, OH)Episcopal?
Troy Apostolic Temple (Troy, OH)Pentecostal?
Troy Baptist Temple-Independent-Fundamental (Troy, OH)Baptist?
Troy Christian Church (Troy, OH)?
Troy First Church of God (Troy, OH)?
Troy Freewill Baptist Church (Troy, OH)Baptist?
Troy Gospel Tabernacle (Troy, OH)?
Troy View Church of God (Troy, OH)?
Union Baptist Church (Troy, OH)Baptist?
Zion Baptist Church (Troy, OH)Baptist?

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