Churches in Upland, CA

Assembly of God Spanish (Upland, CA)Assemblies of God?
Brethren in Christ Church Upland (Upland, CA)?
Calvary Chapel (Upland, CA)Calvary Chapel?
Calvary Chapel of Upland (Upland, CA)Calvary Chapel?
Church of Christ (Upland, CA)?
Church of Christ 2 (Upland, CA)?
Church of Christ Non-Class (Upland, CA)?
Church of God (Upland, CA)?
Church of the Nazarene Latin American (Upland, CA)Church of the Nazarene?
Cross Walk Fellowship (Upland, CA)?
El Camino Fellowship (Upland, CA)?
Eleventh Street Baptist Church (Upland, CA)Baptist?
First Baptist Church of Upland (Upland, CA)Baptist?
First Mennonite Church of Upland (Upland, CA)Mennonites?
First Presbyterian Church-Upland (Upland, CA)Presbyterian?
First United Methodist Church of Upland (Upland, CA)United Methodist Church?
First United Pentecostal Church (Upland, CA)Pentecostal?
Foothill Bible Church – Worship Service 1030 Am (Upland, CA)?
Foothill Bible Church (Upland, CA)?
Genesis Community Church (Upland, CA)?
Grace Lutheran Church of Upland (Upland, CA)Lutheran?
Iglesia Del Nazareno Upland (Upland, CA)?
Iglesia Evangelica Fuente De Vida (Upland, CA)
Liberty Faith Center (Upland, CA)?
Life Bible Fellowship (Upland, CA)?
Love in Unity Community Church (Upland, CA)?
Mountain View Free Methodist Church (Upland, CA)Methodist?
Mountain View Mennonite Church (Upland, CA)Mennonites?
Nazarene Church (Upland, CA)Church of the Nazarene?
North Hills Community Church (Upland, CA)?
Pacific Christian Center of the Brethren in Christ (Upland, CA)?
People United for Christ (Upland, CA)?
Presentation Sisters-Convent (Upland, CA)?
Rancho Bible Fellowship (Upland, CA)?
San Antonio Heights Community Church (Upland, CA)?
Sierra Vista Community Center (Upland, CA)?
Solid Rock Community Church (Upland, CA)?
St Anthony’s Catholic Church (Upland, CA)Catholic?
St George Orthodox Church (Upland, CA)Orthodox?
St Joseph’s Catholic Church (Upland, CA)Catholic?
St Joseph’s Catholic Church Upland – His Hands (Upland, CA)Catholic?
St Josephs Catholic Church Upland 2 (Upland, CA)Catholic?
St Mark’s Episcopal Church (Upland, CA)Episcopal?
Upland Christian Church (Upland, CA)?
Upland Community of Christ (CA)
Upland Foursquare Church (Upland, CA)?

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