Churches in Vacaville, CA

All Saints Reformed Episcopal Church (Vacaville, CA)Episcopal?
Allendale Union Chapel (Vacaville, CA)?
American Baptist Church (Vacaville, CA)Baptist?
Amistad United Church of Christ (Vacaville, CA)United Church of Christ?
Apostolic Cornerstone Church (Vacaville, CA)Pentecostal?
Apostolic Cornerstone Church 2 (Vacaville, CA)Pentecostal?
Ascension Lutheran (Vacaville, CA)Lutheran?
Assemblies of The Lord Jesus Christ The Cornerstone Church (Vacaville, CA)?
Assembly of God (Vacaville, CA)Assemblies of God?
Bethany Lutheran Church (Vacaville, CA)Lutheran?
Calvary Chapel Vacaville (Vacaville, CA)Calvary Chapel?
Catholic Church St Marys Espanol (Vacaville, CA)Catholic?
Centro Familiar Cristiano (Vacaville, CA)?
Christ Community Church (Vacaville, CA)?
Christ Memorial Church of God in Christ (Vacaville, CA)Church of God in Christ?
Christian Body Life Fellowship (Vacaville, CA)?
Christian Church of Vacaville (Vacaville, CA)?
Christian Life Center (Vacaville, CA)?
Church of Christ (Vacaville, CA)?
Church of Christ 2 (Vacaville, CA)?
Church of Christ-Solano (Vacaville, CA)?
Church of God (Vacaville, CA)?
Church of God At Vacaville (Vacaville, CA)?
Community Presbyterian (Vacaville, CA)
Community Presbyterian Church (Vacaville, CA)Presbyterian?
Countryside Community Church (Vacaville, CA)?
Covenant Community Church (Vacaville, CA)?
Creek Side Community Church (Vacaville, CA)?
Creekside Community Church (Vacaville, CA)?
Crossroads Christian Church (Vacaville, CA)?
Curry Temple CME Church (Vacaville, CA)?
El-Shaddai COGIC (Vacaville, CA)Church of God in Christ?
Epiphany Episcopal Church (Vacaville, CA)
Faith Baptist Church-Missionary (Vacaville, CA)Baptist?
Faith Community Church of Vacaville (Vacaville, CA)?
Faith Family Bible Church (Vacaville, CA)?
Faith Family Bible Church 2 (Vacaville, CA)?
Faith United Methodist Fellowship (Vacaville, CA)
Family History Center (Vacaville, CA)
Father’s House (Vacaville, CA)?
Fellowship Baptist Church (Vacaville, CA)Baptist?
Fellowship Baptist Church 2 (Vacaville, CA, United States)Baptist
First Baptist Church of Vacaville (CA)
Harvest Assembly of God (Vacaville, CA)Assemblies of God?
Harvest Worship Center (Vacaville, CA)?
House of Prayer for All People (Vacaville, CA)?
Life Tabernacle (Vacaville, CA)?
Life Tabernacle 2 (Vacaville, CA)?
Life Tabernacle 3 (Vacaville, CA)?
Living Water Missionary Baptist Church (Vacaville, CA)Baptist?
New Hope Christian Fellowship (Vacaville, CA)?
New Hope Christian Fellowship of Vacaville (Vacaville, CA)?
Northern California Evangelistic Association (Vacaville, CA)?
Orchard Avenue Baptist Church (Vacaville, CA)Baptist?
Primera Iglesia Bautista Emmanuel (Vacaville, CA)?
Providence Community Church (Vacaville, CA)?
Rescue Mission Church of God in Christ (Vacaville, CA)Church of God in Christ?
Restoration Praise and Worship (Vacaville, CA)?
Rolling Hills Community Church (Vacaville, CA)?
Seventh Day Adventist Church (Vacaville, CA)Seventh day Adventist?
Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church Church (Vacaville, CA)Lutheran?
Shiloh Baptist Church (Vacaville, CA)Baptist?
Sonrise Community Fellowship (Vacaville, CA)?
Sonrise Comunity Fellowship (Vacaville, CA)?
Souls Ministries (Vacaville, CA)?
Souls Ministries 2 (Vacaville, CA)?
Souls Ministry (Vacaville, CA)?
Southside Community Church (Vacaville, CA)
St John Lutheran Church (Vacaville, CA)Lutheran?
St John’s Lutheran Church 2 (Vacaville, CA)Lutheran?
St John's Lutheran Church (Vacaville, CA)
St Joseph Catholic Church (Vacaville, CA)Catholic?
St Mary’s Catholic Church (Vacaville, CA)Catholic?
St Matthew Baptist Church (Vacaville, CA)Baptist?
St Matthew’s Baptist Church (Vacaville, CA)Baptist?
St Matthew’s Baptist Church 2 (Vacaville, CA)Baptist?
St Paul United Methodist Church (Vacaville, CA)United Methodist Church?
St Paul’s United Methodist Church (Vacaville, CA)United Methodist Church?
Stadia-New, Church Strategies (Vacaville, CA)?
Templo La Hermosa (Vacaville, CA)?
Trinity Baptist Church (Vacaville, CA)
Trinity Christian Center (Vacaville, CA)?
Unity Church of the Valley (Vacaville, CA)?
Vacaville Bible Church (Vacaville, CA)?
Vacaville Sonrise Community Flshp (Vacaville, CA)?
Valley Church (Vacaville, CA)?
Valley Evangelical Free Church (Vacaville, CA)Evangelical Free Church?
Vineyard Community Church (Vacaville, CA)?

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