Churches in Vancouver, BC

Agape Life Ctr (Vancouver, BC)?
Alpha Canada (Vancouver, BC)?
Anglican Church of Canada (Vancouver, BC)Church of England?
Anglican Church of Canada 2 (Vancouver, BC)Church of England?
Anglican Network Church of the Good Shepherd (Vancouver, BC)Church of England?
Aquarian Truth Ctr (Vancouver, BC)?
Associated Family Ministries (Vancouver, BC)?
Augustana Lutheran Church (Vancouver, BC)Lutheran?
Basel Hakka Lutheran Church (Vancouver, BC)Lutheran?
Basel Hakka Lutheran Church 2 (Vancouver, BC)Lutheran?
BC Full Gospel Church (Vancouver, BC)?
Bc Khalsa Darbar Society (Vancouver, BC)?
Bethany Indonesian Church (Vancouver, BC)?
Bethany Indonesian Church 2 (Vancouver, BC)?
Bethel Chinese Christian Mb (Vancouver, BC)?
Bethel International Church (Vancouver, BC)?
Bethlehem Lutheran Church (Vancouver, BC)Lutheran?
Blessings Evangelical Bible Church (Vancouver, BC)?
Broadway Church (Vancouver, BC)?
Canaan Church (Vancouver, BC)?
Canadian Bible Society (Vancouver, BC)?
Canadian Catholic Organization (Vancouver, BC)Catholic?
Canadian Memorial United Church & Centre for Peace (Vancouver, BC)?
Carleton Gospel Hall (Vancouver, BC)?
Cascade Gospel Chapel (Vancouver, BC)?
Catholic Churches & Institutions (Vancouver, BC)Catholic?
Catholic Churches & Institutions 2 (Vancouver, BC)Catholic?
Catholic Ukrainian Churches & Institutions (Vancouver, BC)Catholic?
CCHC Herald Monthly (Vancouver, BC)?
Chinese Christian Chapel (Vancouver, BC)?
Chinese Faith Church (Vancouver, BC)?
Chinese Grace Mennonite Church (Vancouver, BC)Mennonites?
Chinese Mennonite Church (Vancouver, BC)Mennonites?
Chinese Pentecostal Church (Vancouver, BC)Pentecostal?
Chinese Presbyterian Church (Vancouver, BC)Presbyterian?
Chinese Rhenish Church (Vancouver, BC)?
Chinese Tabernacle Baptist Church (Vancouver, BC)Baptist?
Christ Church Cathedral (Vancouver, BC)?
Christ Church of China (Vancouver, BC)?
Christ Lutheran Church (Vancouver, BC)Lutheran?
Christian & Missionary Alliance (Vancouver, BC)?
Christian Apostolic Church (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
Christian Reformed Churches (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
Church in Vancouver (Vancouver, BC)?
Church of Christ (Vancouver, BC)?
Church of God in Vancouver (Vancouver, BC)?
Church of God of Prophecy (Vancouver, BC)?
Church of the Nazarene First (Vancouver, BC)Church of the Nazarene?
Church of Vancouver (Vancouver, BC)?
Cityview Baptist Church (Vancouver, BC)Baptist?
Coastal Church (Vancouver, BC)?
Collingwood Baptist Church (Vancouver, BC)Baptist?
Community of Christ (Vancouver, BC)?
Concordia Lutheran Church (Vancouver, BC)Lutheran?
Corpus Christi Parish (Vancouver, BC)?
Culloden Mennonite Brethren (Vancouver, BC)Mennonites?
Dunbar Evangelical Lutheran (Vancouver, BC)Lutheran?
Dunbar Heights Baptist Church (Vancouver, BC)Baptist?
Eastside Church (Vancouver, BC)?
Ebenezer Baptist Church (Vancouver, BC)Baptist?
Estonian Evangelical Church (Vancouver, BC)?
Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church of St Peter (Vancouver, BC)Lutheran?
Estonian United Baptist Church (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
Fairview Baptist Church (Vancouver, BC)Baptist?
Fairview Gospel Hall (Vancouver, BC)?
Fairview Presbyterian Church (Vancouver, BC)Presbyterian?
Faith Fellowship Baptist Church (Vancouver, BC)Baptist?
Faith in Action Vietnamese Church (Vancouver, BC)?
Faith Presbyterian Church (Vancouver, BC)Presbyterian?
Fellowship Deaconry Association (Vancouver, BC)?
Filipino Christian Alliance (Vancouver, BC)?
Filipino Fellowship Baptist (Vancouver, BC)Baptist?
Finnish Bethel Church (Vancouver, BC)?
First Baptist Church (Vancouver, BC)Baptist?
First Lutheran Church (Vancouver, BC)Lutheran?
First United Church (Vancouver, BC)?
First United Mennonite Church (Vancouver, BC)Mennonites?
Franklin Chinese Gospel Chapel (Vancouver, BC)?
Fraser Lands Church (Vancouver, BC)?
Friends Religious Society (Vancouver, BC)?
German Church of God (Vancouver, BC)?
Glad Tidings Church (Vancouver, BC)?
Global Community Church (Vancouver, BC)?
Global Community Church 2 (Vancouver, BC)?
Good Shepherd Chinese Anglican (Vancouver, BC)Church of England?
Gospel Mission (Vancouver, BC)?
Grace Community Baptist Church (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
Grace International Baptist Church (Vancouver, BC)Baptist?
Grace Memorial United Church (Vancouver, BC)?
Grace Vancouver Church (Vancouver, BC)?
Grandview Calvary Baptist Church (Vancouver, BC)Baptist?
Granville Chapel (Vancouver, BC)?
Greater Vancouver Baptist Church (Vancouver, BC)Baptist?
Guardian Angels Catholic Church (Vancouver, BC)Catholic?
Guardian Angels Parish (Vancouver, BC)?
Harvest Baptist Church (Vancouver, BC)Baptist?
Harvest City Church (Vancouver, BC)?
Hastings Street Bible Inst (Vancouver, BC)?
Hindi Punjabi Fraserview Gospel Chapel (Vancouver, BC)?
Holy Cross Japanese Anglican (Vancouver, BC)Church of England?
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