Churches in Vermillion, SD

Apostolic Faith Church (Vermillion, SD)Pentecostal?
Assembly of God Church (Vermillion, SD)Assemblies of God?
Church of Christ (Vermillion, SD)?
Church of Christ 2 (Vermillion, SD)?
Concordia Lutheran Church (Vermillion, SD)Lutheran?
Concordia Lutheran Church-Lcms (Vermillion, SD)Lutheran Church Missouri Synod?
Cornerstone Church (Vermillion, SD)?
Dalesburg Lutheran Church (Vermillion, SD)Lutheran?
Faith Fellowship of the Open Bible (Vermillion, SD)?
First Baptist Church (Vermillion, SD)Baptist?
First Baptist Church 2 (Vermillion, SD)Baptist?
First United Methodist Church (Vermillion, SD)United Methodist Church?
Grace Baptist Church (Vermillion, SD)Baptist?
Grace Baptist Church SBC (Vermillion, SD)Southern Baptist?
Hillside Community Church (Vermillion, SD)?
Hillside Community Church C & MA (Vermillion, SD)?
Hillside Community Church C and MA 2 (Vermillion, SD)?
Hillside Community CMA Church (Vermillion, SD)?
Iowa Des Moines Mission (Vermillion, SD)
Luther Center (Vermillion, SD)?
Luthers (Vermillion, SD)?
Methodist Church First United (Vermillion, SD)Methodist?
Pleasant Valley Lutheran Church (Vermillion, SD)Lutheran?
Providence Reformed Church (Vermillion, SD)Reformed?
St Agnes Catholic Church – Priest’s (Vermillion, SD)Catholic?
St Agnes Catholic Church (Vermillion, SD)Catholic?
St Paul’s Episcopal Church (Vermillion, SD)Episcopal?
Trinity Lutheran Church-Vermillion (Vermillion, SD)Lutheran?
United Church of Christ Congregational (Vermillion, SD)United Church of Christ?
United Ministries (Vermillion, SD)?
United Ministries Center (Vermillion, SD)?

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