Churches in Victoria, BC

Anglican Churches & Institutions (Victoria, BC)Church of England?
Anglican Churches & Institutions 2 (Victoria, BC)Church of England?
Cadboro Bay United Church (Victoria, BC)?
Capital City Baptist Church (Victoria, BC)Baptist?
Centennial United Church (Victoria, BC)?
Chabad V I (Victoria, BC)?
Chinese Pentecostal Church (Victoria, BC)Pentecostal?
Chinese Presbyterian Church (Victoria, BC)Presbyterian?
Christ Community Church (Victoria, BC)?
Christadelphian Ecclesia (Victoria, BC)?
Christian Life Church of Victoria (Victoria, BC)?
Church of Our Lord (Victoria, BC)?
Church of the Advent (Victoria, BC)?
Church of the Holy Spirit (Victoria, BC)?
Church of the Nazarene (Victoria, BC)Church of the Nazarene?
Colwood Pentecostal Church (Victoria, BC, Canada)
Community Ev Free Church (Victoria, BC)?
Community of Christ (Victoria, BC)?
Cordova Bay United Church (Victoria, BC)?
Cornerstone Christian Fellowship (Victoria, BC)?
Elk Lake Baptist Church (Victoria, BC)Baptist?
First Baptist Church (Victoria, BC)Baptist?
Garden City United Church (Victoria, BC)?
Gateway Baptist Church (Victoria, BC)Baptist?
Glad Tidings Church Victoria (Victoria, BC)?
Gordon Head United Church (Victoria, BC)?
Grace Baptist Church-Victoria (Victoria, BC)Baptist?
Holy Cross Catholic Church (Victoria, BC)Catholic?
James Bay New Horizons Society (Victoria, BC)?
James Bay United Church (Victoria, BC, Canada)
Keystone Victoria (Victoria, BC)?
Khalsa Diwan Society (Victoria, BC)?
Lambrick Park Church (Victoria, BC)?
Life of Victory Family Church (Victoria, BC)?
Lutheran Church Redeemer LCC (Victoria, BC)Lutheran?
Mercy Ships Canada (Victoria, BC)?
North Douglas Pentecostal Church (Victoria, BC)Pentecostal?
Oak Bay Gospel Assembly (Victoria, BC)?
Oak Bay United Church (Victoria, BC)?
Open Door (Victoria, BC, Canada)
Our Lady of Fatima (Victoria, BC)?
Our Lady of the Rosary (Victoria, BC)?
Our Lady Queen of Peace (Victoria, BC)?
Pilgrim United Church (Victoria, BC)?
Religious Society of Friends (Victoria, BC)?
Revival Fellowship (Victoria, BC)?
Saanich Baptist Church (Victoria, BC)Baptist?
Saanich Community Church Mennonite Brethren (Victoria, BC)Mennonites?
Sacred Heart Rc Parish (Victoria, BC)?
Seventh Day Adventist Church (Victoria, BC)Seventh day Adventist?
Shelbourne St Church of Christ (Victoria, BC, Canada)
St Andrew’s Cathedral (Victoria, BC)?
St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church (Victoria, BC)Presbyterian?
St David by the Sea (Victoria, BC)?
St Jean Baptiste Paroisse Francaise (Victoria, BC)Baptist?
St Joseph's Parish (Victoria, BC, Canada)
St Leopold B Mandic Croatian (Victoria, BC)?
St Martin In-The-Fields (Victoria, BC)?
St Matthias Anglican Church (Victoria, BC)Church of England?
St Patrick's R C Parish (Victoria, BC, Canada)
St Paul’s Anglican Church (Victoria, BC)Church of England?
The Forge Church (Victoria, BC)?
The Redeem Christian Church of God (Victoria, BC)?
Trinity Christian Ctr (Victoria, BC)?
Trinity Christian Ctr 2 (Victoria, BC)?
Trinity Presbyterian Church (Victoria, BC)Presbyterian?
Ukrainian Catholic Church (Victoria, BC)Catholic?
Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Victoria, BC)Orthodox?
Unity Church of Victoria (Victoria, BC)?
Unity Church of Victoria 2 (Victoria, BC)?
Victoria Chinese Alliance Church (Victoria, BC)?
Victoria Christian Ctr (Victoria, BC)?
Victoria Full Gospel Fellowship (Victoria, BC)?
Victoria Korean Church (Victoria, BC)?
Victoria Miracle Ctr (Victoria, BC)?
Victoria Pacific Rim Alliance (Victoria, BC)?
Watoto Canada (Victoria, BC)?
Westshore Alliance Church (Victoria, BC, Canada)
Westview Gospel Chapel (Victoria, BC)?

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