Churches in Waterbury, CT

Alpha & Omega Ministries HGD (Waterbury, CT)?
Alpha and Omega Ministries (Waterbury, CT)?
Amazing Grace Baptist Church (Waterbury, CT)Baptist?
Ark (Waterbury, CT)?
Beacon of Light Community Church (Waterbury, CT)?
Berean Baptist Church (Waterbury, CT)Baptist?
Bible Church of Waterbury (Waterbury, CT)?
Bible Church of Waterbury 2 (Waterbury, CT)?
Blessed Sacrament Church (Waterbury, CT)
Bunker Hill Congregational Church UCC (Waterbury, CT)?
Calvary Apostolic Church (Waterbury, CT)Pentecostal?
Calvary Baptist Church (Waterbury, CT)Baptist?
Chabad House Moshiach Center of Waterbury (Waterbury, CT)?
Chabad Lubavitch of the Northwest Corner (Waterbury, CT)?
Christ CME Church (Waterbury, CT)?
Christ Community (Waterbury, CT)?
Christ Episcopal Church (Waterbury, CT)Episcopal?
Church of Christ (Waterbury, CT)?
Church of God (Waterbury, CT)?
Church of God 2 (Waterbury, CT)?
Church of God New Testament (Waterbury, CT)?
Church of God Prophecy (Waterbury, CT)?
Circle of Prayer Charismatic Church (Waterbury, CT)?
Community Tabernacle Outreach Center (Waterbury, CT)?
Deliverance Church of God in Christ (Waterbury, CT)Church of God in Christ?
Deliverance Church-God-Christ (Waterbury, CT)?
Evangelical Christian Church (Waterbury, CT)?
Evangelical Christian Church of Waterbury (Waterbury, CT)?
Evangelistic Carvan Center (Waterbury, CT)?
Evangelistic Carvan Center 2 (Waterbury, CT)
Fall Harvest Bazaar (Waterbury, CT)?
First Assembly of God (Waterbury, CT)Assemblies of God?
First Assembly of God Church (Waterbury, CT)
First Baptist Church (Waterbury, CT)Baptist?
First Church Return of Pentecost (Waterbury, CT)?
First Congregational Church (Waterbury, CT)?
First Lutheran Church (Waterbury, CT)Lutheran?
First Lutheran Church ELCA (Waterbury, CT)Evangelical Lutheran Church in America?
Grace Baptist Church (Waterbury, CT)Baptist?
Hartshorn Gregory K CPT (Waterbury, CT)?
Holy Trnty Greek Orthdx Church (Waterbury, CT)?
House of Joy & Praise Outreach Center (Waterbury, CT)?
House of Joy and Praise Outreach Center 2 (Waterbury, CT)?
Iglesia Cristiana Juan 3 16 (Waterbury, CT)
Iglesia Cristiana Pentecostal (Waterbury, CT)Pentecostal?
Iglesia Del DIOS Viviente (Waterbury, CT)?
Iglesia Pentecostal El Tabernaculo Inc (Waterbury, CT)Pentecostal?
Immaculate Conception Church (Waterbury, CT)?
Ingathering Pentecostal Temple (Waterbury, CT)Pentecostal?
Jevovah Jireh Deliverance (Waterbury, CT)?
Lighthouse Baptist Church (Waterbury, CT)Baptist?
Living Faith Christian Church (Waterbury, CT)?
Macedonia Church (Waterbury, CT)?
Mc Call AME Zion Church (Waterbury, CT)?
Mount Olive Church of God in Christ (Waterbury, CT)
Mount Zion Church of Christ Apostolic (Waterbury, CT)Pentecostal?
Nativity of the Holy Virgin Mary Orthodox Church (Waterbury, CT)Orthodox?
New Bethel Church of God (Waterbury, CT)?
New Bethel Church of God in Christ (Waterbury, CT)Church of God in Christ?
New Life Christian Church (Waterbury, CT)?
New Life Christian Church 2 (Waterbury, CT)?
New Life Ministries (Waterbury, CT)?
New Life of Waterbury (Waterbury, CT)?
New Life Pentecostal Church of God (Waterbury, CT)Pentecostal?
Our Lady of Fatima Church (Waterbury, CT)?
Our Lady of Lebanon Catholic Church (Waterbury, CT)Catholic?
Our Lady of Loreto Church (Waterbury, CT)?
Pentecostal Assembly Church of Waterbury (Waterbury, CT)Pentecostal?
Redeeming Love Tabernacle of Praise (Waterbury, CT)?
Refuge Church of Christ (Waterbury, CT)?
Rehoboth Church of God in Christ Jesus (Waterbury, CT)Church of God in Christ?
Riverbank Christian Worship Center (Waterbury, CT, United States)
Rock of Ages Holiness Church (Waterbury, CT)?
Sacred Heart Parish (Waterbury, CT)?
Saint Thomas Church (Waterbury, CT)?
Seventh Day Adventist Church (Waterbury, CT)Seventh day Adventist?
Seventh Day Adventist Church 2 (Waterbury, CT)Seventh day Adventist?
Shalom Seventh-Day Adventist Church (Waterbury, CT)?
Sisters Minor of Mary Immaculatdy of Mount Crml Cnvnt (Waterbury, CT)Catholic?
Sisters of Mercy (Waterbury, CT)?
Sisters of Mercy 2 (Waterbury, CT)
South Congregational Church (Waterbury, CT)?
St Anne’s Church (Waterbury, CT)?
St Francis Xavier RC Church (Waterbury, CT)?
St John’s Episcopal Church (Waterbury, CT)Episcopal?
St John’s Lutheran Church (Waterbury, CT)Lutheran?
St John’s Lutheran Church Lc-Ms (Waterbury, CT)Lutheran?
St Joseph Church (Waterbury, CT)?
St Joseph Church 2 (Waterbury, CT)?
St Joseph’s Lanes (Waterbury, CT)?
St Margarets Church (Waterbury, CT)?
St Patrick’s RC Church (Waterbury, CT)?
St Peter and Paul Rc Church (Waterbury, CT)?
The Bible Church of Waterbury (Waterbury, CT)?
United Brethrens in Christ (Waterbury, CT)?
United Methodist Church (Waterbury, CT)United Methodist Church?
United Methodist Church of Wby (Waterbury, CT)United Methodist Church?
Unity Temple Church of God (Waterbury, CT)?
Unity Temple Church of God in Christ (Waterbury, CT)Church of God in Christ?
Victory Christian Center II (Waterbury, CT)?
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