Churches in Waynesburg, PA

Allegheny Wesleyan Methodist Church (Waynesburg, PA)Methodist?
Cbm Ministries (Waynesburg, PA)?
Church of God (Waynesburg, PA)?
Claughton Chapel United Methodist (Waynesburg, PA)Methodist?
Fairall United Methodist Church (Waynesburg, PA)United Methodist Church?
Faith Baptist Church (Waynesburg, PA)Baptist?
Faith Baptist Church 2 (Waynesburg, PA)Baptist?
First Assembly of God (Waynesburg, PA)Assemblies of God?
First Assembly of God Church (Waynesburg, PA)Assemblies of God?
First Baptist Church (Waynesburg, PA)Baptist?
First Christian Church (Waynesburg, PA)?
First Presbyterian Church (Waynesburg, PA)Presbyterian?
First United Methodist Church Waynesburg Church (Waynesburg, PA)United Methodist Church?
Greene Community Church (Waynesburg, PA)?
Landmark Baptist Church (Waynesburg, PA)Baptist?
Nazarene First Church (Waynesburg, PA)Church of the Nazarene?
Oak View Methodist Church (Waynesburg, PA)Methodist?
Oak View United Methodist Church (Waynesburg, PA)United Methodist Church?
Presbyterian Church Manse (Waynesburg, PA)Presbyterian?
Seventh Day Adventist Church (Waynesburg, PA)Seventh day Adventist?
Seventh Day Adventist Church-Cooke Shirley J Assis (Waynesburg, PA)Seventh day Adventist?
St Ann Catholic Church (Waynesburg, PA)Catholic?
St Ann Catholic Church 2 (Waynesburg, PA)Catholic?
St George’s Episcopal Church (Waynesburg, PA)Episcopal?
Trinity Baptist Church (Waynesburg, PA)Baptist?
Trinity Baptist Church Independent Fundamental (Waynesburg, PA)Baptist?
Washington Street United Methodist Church (Waynesburg, PA)United Methodist Church?
Waynesburg Bible Chapel (Waynesburg, PA)?
Willow Grove Independent Baptist Church (Waynesburg, PA)Baptist?

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