Churches in Wichita, KS

17th Street Missionary Baptist Church (Wichita, KS)Baptist?
1st Independent Assembly of God (Wichita, KS)Assemblies of God?
63rd St. Church of Christ (Wichita, KS)?
Agape Christian Church (Wichita, KS)?
Agape Fellowship Church of God in Christ (Wichita, KS)
Aldersgate United Methodist Church (Wichita, KS)
All Saints (Wichita, KS)?
All Saints Catholic Church (Wichita, KS)Catholic?
All Saints Catholic Parish (Wichita, KS)Catholic?
Anchor Baptist Church (Wichita, KS)Baptist?
Anchor Church of God (Wichita, KS)?
Anchor of Hope Baptist Church (Wichita, KS)Baptist?
Anglican Catholic Church of St Joseph of Glastonbury (Wichita, KS)Church of England?
Antioch Baptist Church (Wichita, KS)Baptist?
Antioch Christian Church (Wichita, KS)?
Antioch Missionary Baptist Church (Wichita, KS)
Antioch Missionary Baptist Church 2 (Wichita, KS)Baptist?
Apostolic Christian Church (Wichita, KS)Pentecostal?
Ark Valley Christian Church (Wichita, KS)?
Asbury United Methodist Church Endowment Association (Wichita, KS)United Methodist Church?
Ascension Lutheran Church (Wichita, KS)Lutheran?
Ascension Lutheran Church 2 (Wichita, KS)
Assembly of God Valley Center (Wichita, KS)Assemblies of God?
Believers Southern Baptist Church (Wichita, KS)Southern Baptist?
Believers Tabernacle (Wichita, KS)
Berean Baptist Church (Wichita, KS)Baptist?
Beth Eden Baptist Church (Wichita, KS)Baptist?
Bethany Baptist Church (Wichita, KS)Baptist?
Bethany Presbyterian Church (Wichita, KS)Presbyterian?
Bethany Revival Center (Wichita, KS)?
Bethel Apostolic Church (Wichita, KS)Pentecostal?
Bethel Baptist Church (Wichita, KS)Baptist?
Bethel Presbyterian Church (Wichita, KS)Presbyterian?
Bethel United Methodist Church (Wichita, KS)United Methodist Church?
Bible Holiness Church (Wichita, KS)?
Bible Truth (Wichita, KS)?
Bibleway Community of Faith (Wichita, KS)?
Bibleway Pentecostal Assembly (Wichita, KS)
Bibleway Pentecostal Assembly 2 (Wichita, KS)Pentecostal?
Blessed Sacrament (Wichita, KS)?
Blessed Sacrament Sun Mass (Wichita, KS)?
Book of Acts Church (Wichita, KS)?
Breakthrough Ministries (Wichita, KS)?
Breakthrough Ministries 2 (Wichita, KS)?
Bridgeport Missionary Baptist (Wichita, KS)Baptist?
Bridgeport Missionary Baptist Church (Wichita, KS)Baptist?
Broadway Christian Church – Prayer for Today (Wichita, KS)?
Broadway Christian Church (Wichita, KS)?
Broadway Christian Church 2 (Wichita, KS)?
Brookhaven Baptist Church (Wichita, KS)Baptist?
Brookside Senior Center (Wichita, KS)?
Brookside United Methodist Church (Wichita, KS)United Methodist Church?
Brotherhood Presbyterian Church (Wichita, KS)Presbyterian?
Buu-Quang Temple (Wichita, KS)?
Calvary Apostolic Church (Wichita, KS)Pentecostal?
Calvary Assembly of God (Wichita, KS)Assemblies of God?
Calvary Baptist Church (Wichita, KS)Baptist?
Calvary Bible Church (Wichita, KS)?
Calvary Chapel of Wichita (Wichita, KS)Calvary Chapel?
Calvary Community Church of the Nazarene (Wichita, KS)Church of the Nazarene?
Calvary Hill Church (Wichita, KS)?
Calvary Hill Pentecostal Church (Wichita, KS)Pentecostal?
Calvary Missionary Church (Wichita, KS)?
Calvary Presbyterian Church (Wichita, KS)Presbyterian?
Calvary Temple (Wichita, KS)?
Calvary United Methodist Church (Wichita, KS)United Methodist Church?
Calvary’s Rock (Wichita, KS)?
Cathedral of The Immaculate Conception (Wichita, KS)?
Catholic Resource Center-Midwest (Wichita, KS)Catholic?
Cedar Chapel United Methodist Church (Wichita, KS)United Methodist Church?
Cedar Pointe Baptist Church (Wichita, KS)Baptist?
Celebration Baptist Church (Wichita, KS)Baptist?
Central Avenue United Methodist Church (Wichita, KS)United Methodist Church?
Central Christian Church (Wichita, KS)Independent Christian Churches or unspecified?
Central Church of Christ (Wichita, KS)?
Central Community Church (Wichita, KS)?
Chapel Hill Fellowship (Wichita, KS)?
Chapel Hill Fellowship 2 (Wichita, KS)?
Chisholm Trail Church-Christ (Wichita, KS)?
Christ Community (Wichita, KS)?
Christ Community Church (Wichita, KS)?
Christ Lutheran Church (Wichita, KS)Lutheran?
Christ Lutheran Church ELCA (Wichita, KS)Evangelical Lutheran Church in America?
Christ the King – Convent (Wichita, KS)?
Christ The King (Wichita, KS)?
Christ the King Church (Wichita, KS)?
Christian Chapel Foursquare (Wichita, KS)?
Christian Church Disciples (Wichita, KS)?
Christian Church Disciples of Christ S Cntrl Dstrct (Wichita, KS)?
Christian Cornerstone Church (Wichita, KS)?
Christian Family Ministries (Wichita, KS)?
Christian Hope Chapel (Wichita, KS)?
Christian Methodist Episcopal Church (Wichita, KS)Christian Methodist Episcopal Church?
Church Abundant Life (Wichita, KS)?
Church Brandon (Wichita, KS)?
Church Gloryland Missionary Baptist (Wichita, KS)Baptist?
Church in Wichita (Wichita, KS)?
Church of Christ (Wichita, KS)?
Church of Christ 2 (Wichita, KS)?
Church of Christ 3 (Wichita, KS)?
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