Churches in Willoughby, OH

Christ Community Church (Willoughby, OH)?
Christ Lutheran Church (Willoughby, OH)Lutheran?
Community of the Holy Spirit (Willoughby, OH)?
Divine Word Catholic Church (Willoughby, OH)Catholic?
Eastern Great Lakes Mission Center (Willoughby, OH)?
First Presbyterian Church of Willoughby (Willoughby, OH)Presbyterian?
Grace Episcopal Church – Grace Retreathouse (Willoughby, OH)Episcopal?
Grace Episcopal Church (Willoughby, OH)Episcopal?
Historic Kirtland Visitor Center (Willoughby, OH)?
Hope Church (Willoughby, OH)?
Immaculate Conception Church (Willoughby, OH)?
Immaculate Conception Church 2 (Willoughby, OH)?
Immaculate Conception Church 3 (Willoughby, OH)?
Independent Christian Fellowship Church (Willoughby, OH)?
King of Kings Lutheran Church (Willoughby, OH)Lutheran?
Kirtland Bethel Bible Church (Willoughby, OH)?
Kirtland Christian Fellowship (Willoughby, OH)?
Maplegrove Alliance Church (Willoughby, OH)?
Morning Star Church of Christ (Willoughby, OH)?
Northcoast Fellowship AG (Willoughby, OH)?
Old South Church in Kirtland (Willoughby, OH)?
Old South Church United Church of Christ (Willoughby, OH)United Church of Christ?
Restoration Church of Jesus Christ Krtlnd Rstrtn BR (Willoughby, OH)?
Smith Norman N (Willoughby, OH)?
St Nicholas Orthodox Church (Willoughby, OH)Orthodox?
St Noel Church (Willoughby, OH)?
The Church In Willoughby (Willoughby, OH)?
The Eastern Great Lakes Mission Center (Willoughby, OH)?
Trinity Lutheran Church (Willoughby, OH)Lutheran?
Willoughby Assembly of God (Willoughby, OH)Assemblies of God?
Willoughby Baptist Church (Willoughby, OH)Baptist?
Willoughby Hills Evangelical Friends Church (Willoughby, OH)?
Willoughby Hills Friends Church 2 (Willoughby, OH)?
Willoughby Hills United Methodist Church 2 (Willoughby, OH)United Methodist Church?
Willoughby Seventh-Day Adventist Church (Willoughby, OH)?
Willoughby United Methodist Church (Willoughby, OH)United Methodist Church?

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