Churches in Winona, MN

Baptist Church First (Winona, MN)Baptist?
Calvary Baptist Church (Winona, MN)Baptist?
Cathedral of The Sacred Heart (Winona, MN)?
Cedar Valley Lutheran Church (Winona, MN)Lutheran?
Central United Methodist Church (Winona, MN)United Methodist Church?
Church of Christ (Winona, MN)?
Church of the Nazarene (Winona, MN)Church of the Nazarene?
Community Bible Church (Winona, MN)?
Community Bible Church 2 (Winona, MN)?
Cornerstone Community Church (Winona, MN)?
Cornerstone Community Church-Sbc (Winona, MN)
Edge (Winona, MN)?
Faith Assembly of God Church (Winona, MN)Assemblies of God?
Faith Lutheran Church (Winona, MN)Lutheran?
First Baptist Church (Winona, MN)
First Baptist Church ABC (Winona, MN)Baptist?
First Congregational Church (Winona, MN)?
First Congregational Church United Church of Christ (Winona, MN)United Church of Christ?
Goodview Trinity Lutheran Church (Winona, MN)Lutheran?
Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church (Winona, MN)Lutheran?
Grace Presbyterian Church (Winona, MN)Presbyterian?
Immanuel United Methodist Church (Winona, MN)United Methodist Church?
Living Light Christian Fellowship Association (Winona, MN)?
Lutheran Student Fellowship (Winona, MN)Lutheran?
McKinley United Methodist Church (Winona, MN)United Methodist Church?
New Beginnings Church (Winona, MN)?
New Beginnings Church 2 (Winona, MN)?
New Life Christian Center Afcm (Winona, MN)?
New Life Christian Center Afcm 2 (Winona, MN)?
New Life Christian Ctr Afcm (Winona, MN)?
Newman Center (Winona, MN)?
Pickwick Community Church (Winona, MN)?
Pleasant Valley Church (Winona, MN)
Redeemer Lutheran Church (Winona, MN)Lutheran?
Ridgeway Witoka Methodist Church (Winona, MN)Methodist?
Seventh-Day Adventist Church (Winona, MN)?
Special Occasions of Winona (Winona, MN)?
St Casimir Catholic Parish (Winona, MN)Catholic?
St Johns Catholic Parish (Winona, MN)Catholic?
St Luke Lutheran Church (Winona, MN)Lutheran?
St Martin’s Lutheran Church-Lcms (Winona, MN)Lutheran Church Missouri Synod?
St Mary’s Catholic Church (Winona, MN)Catholic?
St Matthew Lutheran Church (Winona, MN)Lutheran?
St Matthews Lutheran Church WELS (Winona, MN)Lutheran?
St Paul’s Church (Winona, MN)?
St Paul’s Episcopal Church (Winona, MN)Episcopal?
St Stanislaus Catholic Church (Winona, MN)Catholic?
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran (Winona, MN)Lutheran?
Winona Seventh-Day Adventist Church (Winona, MN)?

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