Churches in Xenia, OH

Acadamy Xenia Christian (Xenia, OH)?
Apostolic Gospel Temple (Xenia, OH)Pentecostal?
Arrowbrook Baptist Church (Xenia, OH)Baptist?
Bethel Community Church (Xenia, OH)?
Bethel Community Church 2 (Xenia, OH)?
Bethel Temple Church (Xenia, OH)?
Bible Baptist Church (Xenia, OH)Baptist?
Calvary Baptist Church (Xenia, OH)Baptist?
Christ Episcopal Church (Xenia, OH)Episcopal?
Christ The King Church of Xenia (Xenia, OH)?
Church of God (Xenia, OH)?
Church of God 2 (Xenia, OH)?
Church of God 3 (Xenia, OH)?
Church of God Southside (Xenia, OH)?
Church St Augustine Catholic (Xenia, OH)Catholic?
Cincinnati Av Church of God (Xenia, OH)?
Cornerstone Bible Church (Xenia, OH)?
Dayton Avenue Baptist Church (Xenia, OH)Baptist?
EaglesNestMinistry’s (Xenia, OH)?
Emmanuel Baptist Church (Xenia, OH)Baptist?
Evangelical United Methodist (Xenia, OH)Methodist?
Evangelical United Methodist Church (Xenia, OH)United Methodist Church?
Fellowship Tabernacle (Xenia, OH)?
First Assembly of God (Xenia, OH)Assemblies of God?
First Assembly of God 2 (Xenia, OH)Assemblies of God?
First Baptist Church (Xenia, OH)Baptist?
First Baptist Church of Xenia (Xenia, OH)Baptist?
First Church of Christ (Xenia, OH)?
First Church of The Nazarene (Xenia, OH)Church of the Nazarene?
First Evangelical Lutheran Church (Xenia, OH)Lutheran?
First Reformed Church (Xenia, OH)Reformed?
First United Christian Church (Xenia, OH)?
Freedom Baptist Temple (Xenia, OH)Baptist?
Glory Ministries (Xenia, OH)?
Grace Community Church (Xenia, OH)?
Heart to Honduras (Xenia, OH)?
House of Deliverance Church (Xenia, OH)?
Ledbetter Road Church God (Xenia, OH)?
Ledbetter Road Church of God (Xenia, OH)?
Legacy Ministries International (Xenia, OH)?
LifeWay PMV Church (Xenia, OH)?
Living Stones Christian Church (Xenia, OH)?
Memorial Presbyterian Church (Xenia, OH)Presbyterian?
Middle Run Baptist Church (Xenia, OH)Baptist?
New Hope Christian Church (Xenia, OH)?
New Jasper United Methodist Church (Xenia, OH)United Methodist Church?
North Side Christian Church (Xenia, OH)?
Oldtown United Methodist Church (Xenia, OH)United Methodist Church?
Philadelphia Baptist Church (Xenia, OH)Baptist?
Seventh Day Adventist Church (Xenia, OH)Seventh day Adventist?
St Brigid Catholic Church (Xenia, OH)Catholic?
The Apostolics of Xenia (Xenia, OH)Pentecostal?
Third Baptist Church (Xenia, OH)Baptist?
Union United Methodist Church (Xenia, OH)United Methodist Church?
United AME Church (Xenia, OH)?
Victory Life Christian Center (Xenia, OH)?
Westminister Presbyterian Church (Xenia, OH)Presbyterian?
Westminster Presby Church (Xenia, OH)?
Xenia Baptist Temple (Xenia, OH)Baptist?
Xenia Christ Temple Church (Xenia, OH)?
Xenia Christian Center (Xenia, OH)?
Xenia Church of Christ (Xenia, OH)?
Xenia First Church of God (Xenia, OH)?
Xenia Friends Church (Xenia, OH)?
Xenia Grace Chapel (Xenia, OH)?
Zion Baptist Church (Xenia, OH)Baptist?
Zoar United Methodist Church (Xenia, OH)United Methodist Church?

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