Churches in York, ON

Apostolic United Assembly Church (York, ON)Pentecostal?
Bethel Apostolic Church-Jesus (York, ON)Pentecostal?
Bethel Restoration Ministries (York, ON)?
Beulah Church of Jesus Christ (York, ON)?
Beulah Church of Jesus Christ 2 (York, ON)?
Bibleway Church of God in Christ (York, ON)Church of God in Christ?
Bibleway Pentecostal Church (York, ON)Pentecostal?
British Methodist Church (York, ON)Methodist?
Brotherhood of the Cross and Star (York, ON)?
Central United Church (York, ON)?
Church of God (York, ON)?
Church of Jesus Christ the Apostle’s Foundation (York, ON)?
Church of the Advent (York, ON, Canada)
Davenport Road Gospel Hall (York, ON)?
Ennerdale Road Baptist Church (York, ON)Baptist?
Eritrean Orthodox Tewahdo Church (York, ON)Orthodox?
Fairbank Presbyterian Church (York, ON)Presbyterian?
Faith Tabernacle (York, ON)?
Fellowships Redeemed Church of God (York, ON)?
Grace Restoration Ministries (York, ON)?
Humber Blvd Baptist Church (York, ON)Baptist?
Humbercrest United Church (York, ON)?
Hungarian Full Gospel Church (York, ON)?
Hungarian Presbyterian Church (York, ON)Presbyterian?
Igreja Universal Do Reino de Deus (York, ON)?
Immaculate Conception (York, ON)?
International Assembly of God (York, ON)Assemblies of God?
La-Nueva Jerusalem Spanish Church (York, ON)?
Metropolitan Church of God (York, ON)?
Mount Dennis Baptist Church (York, ON)Baptist?
Mount Zion Apostolic Church (York, ON)Pentecostal?
New Baptist Church (York, ON)Baptist?
New Dawn Moravian Church (York, ON)?
New Hope Community Church (York, ON)?
New Testament Church of God (York, ON)?
North Runnymede United Church (York, ON)?
Oakwood Baptist Church (York, ON)Baptist?
Open Door Pentecostal Church of Jesus Christ Apostolic (York, ON)Pentecostal?
Pentacostal Worship (York, ON)?
Primera Iglesia Alianza Hispana (York, ON)?
Redeemed Christian Church (York, ON)?
Romanian St George Orthodox Church (York, ON, Canada)
Salvation Army York Temple (York, ON)?
Sardisccean Church of God (York, ON, Canada)
St Hildas Fairbank (York, ON)?
St John Bosco (York, ON)?
St John’s Weston (York, ON)?
St Matthew (York, ON)?
St Thomas Aquinas (York, ON)?
Toronto Baptist Church (York, ON)Baptist?
Toronto Breakthrough (York, ON)?
Toronto Heritage Seventh Day Adventist Church (York, ON)Seventh day Adventist?
Toronto West Community Church (York, ON)?
Ukrainian Catholic Church St Basil the Great (York, ON)Catholic?
United Pentecostal Chr-Weston (York, ON)Pentecostal?
Verbo Christian Ministries (York, ON)?
Victory Assembly International Church (York, ON)?
Vishvanath Mandir (York, ON)?
Westminster United Church (York, ON)?
Weston Park Baptist Church (York, ON)Baptist?
Weston Presbyterian Church (York, ON)Presbyterian?
York Church of God (York, ON)?
York Memorial Presbyterian Church (York, ON)Presbyterian?

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