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The Faithlife Study Bible, short FSB, is a unique study bible resource from Logos Bible Software.

The FSB can be obtained at http://faithlifebible.com and consists of a collection of resources:

  • The FSB Bible Notes: Notes to the bible (currently 66-book canon) with some special features
    • the FSB notes automatically show citations in the text from one of six English bible translations
    • the notes are layered for fast information versus deeper consideration (plus-sign)
    • included are links to other FSB resources (graphic resources with a preview picture)
    • included are maps and charts
    • included are short articles (“sidebars”) on thematic topics, word studies, person profiles...
  • The FSB Infographics
  • The FSB Photos
  • The FSB Videos
  • The Lexham Bible Dictionary
  • Connecting the Testaments, a daily devotional

The FSB works on PC and Mac in Logos 4 Bible Software, it has a separate App for iOS and Android (or works alternatively in the Logos Bible App) and can be accessed in the internet through http://biblia.com

While the FSB is intended to be sold on a yearly subscription base to cover the cost for ongoing content maintenance, it currently is free until April 2014 if a coupon code is used.

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