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Church Denomination Style
Chinese Baptist Church (Seattle, WA) Baptist ?
Chinese Mission Church (Seattle, WA) ?
Chinese Southern Baptist Mission (Seattle, WA) Southern Baptist ?
Christ Episcopal Church (Seattle, WA) Episcopal ?
Christ Episcopal Church 2 (Seattle, WA) Episcopal ?
Christ Temple (Seattle, WA) ?
Christ Temple Church (Seattle, WA) ?
Christ the King Church – Hispanic Community (Seattle, WA) ?
Christ the King Church (Seattle, WA) ?
Christian Church of Universal Peace (Seattle, WA) ?
Christian World Changers (Seattle, WA)
Church At Center Presbyterian (Seattle, WA) Presbyterian ?
Church at South Seattle (Seattle, WA) ?
Church at the Centerpresbyterian PC USA (Seattle, WA) ?
Church by the Side of the Road (Seattle, WA) ?
Church in Seattle The-Hall #1 (Seattle, WA) ?
Church of Christ North Seattle (Seattle, WA) ?
Church of Christ Southside (Seattle, WA) ?
Church of Christ Southside 2 (Seattle, WA) ?
Church of Christ Southside 3 (Seattle, WA) ?
Church of Christ-Iglesia NI Cristo (Seattle, WA) ?
Church of Christ-West Seattle (Seattle, WA) ?
Church of God (Seattle, WA) ?
Church of God Evangelistic Center (Seattle, WA) ?
Church of God in Christ Congregational (Seattle, WA) Church of God in Christ ?
Church of God in Seatle (Seattle, WA) ?
Church of Jesus Christ Apostolic (Seattle, WA) Pentecostal ?
Church of Mary Magdalene (Seattle, WA) Catholic ?
Church of Mary Magdalene 2 (Seattle, WA) Catholic ?
Church of Mary Magdalene 3 (Seattle, WA) Catholic ?
Church of the Ascension (Seattle, WA) ?
Church of The Undignified (Seattle, WA)
Church On The Hill (Seattle, WA) ?
City Church (Seattle, WA) ?
City Church 2 (Seattle, WA) ?
Cityteam Ministries (Seattle, WA) ?
Co Lam Pagoda (Seattle, WA)
Columbia-Lakewood Community Church (Seattle, WA) ?
Community Bible Fellowship (Seattle, WA) ?
Community of Christ – Highland Park (Seattle, WA) ?
Community of Christ – Woodland Park (Seattle, WA) ?
Community of Christ (Seattle, WA)
Community of Christ 2 (Seattle, WA) ?
Community of Christ 3 (Seattle, WA) ?
Convocation A Church & Ministry (Seattle, WA) ?
Convocation A Church and Ministry 2 (Seattle, WA) ?
Cornerstone Baptist Church (Seattle, WA) Baptist ?
Cornerstone Filipino-American Baptist Church (Seattle, WA) Baptist ?
Covenant House Campus Christian Ministry at UW (Seattle, WA)
Cristo Rey Hispanic Community (Seattle, WA) ?
Crosspoint Green Lake (Seattle, WA) ?
Crown Hill Church (Seattle, WA) ?
Crown Hill Church of Christ (Seattle, WA) ?
Crown Hill United Methodist Church (Seattle, WA) United Methodist Church ?
Crown Hill Wesleyan Church (Seattle, WA) ?
Crown Lutheran Church (Seattle, WA) Lutheran ?
Curry Temple CME Church (Seattle, WA) ?
Cursillo-Episcopal (Seattle, WA) Episcopal ?
Damascus Baptist Church (Seattle, WA) Baptist ?
Deliverance Temple (Seattle, WA) ?
Denny Park Lutheran Church-Elca (Seattle, WA) Evangelical Lutheran Church in America ?
Downtown Trinity Episcopal Church (Seattle, WA) Episcopal ?
Doxa Church (Seattle, WA) ?
Dunlap Baptist Church (Seattle, WA) Baptist ?
Eastridge Christian Assembly (Seattle, WA) ?
Ebenezer AME Zion Church (Seattle, WA) ?
ELIM Baptist Church (Seattle, WA)
Emanuel Congregation (Seattle, WA) ?
Emerald City Community Church Seventh-Day Adventist (Seattle, WA) ?
Emerald City Community Seventh-Day Adventist Church (Seattle, WA) ?
Emerald City Ministries (Seattle, WA) ?
Emerald City Outreach (Seattle, WA) ?
Emmanuel Bible Church (Seattle, WA) ?
Emmanuel Ethiopian Orthodox Church (Seattle, WA) Orthodox ?
Emmanuel Reformed Baptist Church (Seattle, WA) Reformed ?
Emmaus Road CRC (Seattle, WA) Christian Reformed Church ?
Emmaus Road Crc 2 (Seattle, WA) Christian Reformed Church ?
Epiphany Parish of Seattle (Seattle, WA) ?
Episcopal Church Headquarters (Seattle, WA) Episcopal ?
Episcopal Maritime Minsitry (Seattle, WA) Episcopal ?
Evangelical Chinese Church (Seattle, WA) ?
Evangelical Free Church-United (Seattle, WA) Evangelical Free Church ?
Evangelical Lutheran Church (Seattle, WA) Lutheran ?
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Rca NW Wshngtn SYNO (Seattle, WA) Lutheran ?
Evangelist Temple Full Gospel (Seattle, WA) ?
Every Nation Church Seattle (Seattle, WA)
Fairview Church (Seattle, WA) ?
Faith Bible Church (Seattle, WA) ?
Faith Lutheran Church (Seattle, WA) Lutheran ?
Faith Lutheran Church-Elca (Seattle, WA) Evangelical Lutheran Church in America ?
Faith Temple Community Church of God in Christ (Seattle, WA) Church of God in Christ ?
Family Center of Seattle (WA)
Fauntleroy Church UCC (Seattle, WA) ?
Fauntleroy United Church of Christ (Seattle, WA) United Church of Christ ?
Fellowship Church of Christ (Seattle, WA) ?
Fellowship of Reconciliation (Seattle, WA) ?
Filipino American SDA Church (Seattle, WA) ?
Findlay Street Christian Church (Seattle, WA) ?
Finnish Lutheran Church (Seattle, WA) Lutheran ?
Fircrest Chapel (Seattle, WA) ?
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