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American Baptist Church of Tempe (Tempe, AZ) Baptist ?
Anderson Dave & Barb Ministry (Tempe, AZ) ?
Anderson Dave and Barb Ministry 2 (Tempe, AZ) ?
Apostolic Assembly of Tempe (Tempe, AZ) Pentecostal ?
Arizona Community Church (Tempe, AZ) ?
Arizona Korean (Tempe, AZ) ?
Baptist Student Ministries-Asu (Tempe, AZ) Baptist ?
Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church (Tempe, AZ) Lutheran ?
Bethany Community Church (Tempe, AZ) ?
Breath of Life Church of God in Christ (Tempe, AZ) Church of God in Christ ?
Calvary Baptist Church (Tempe, AZ) Baptist ?
Calvary Chapel (Tempe, AZ) Calvary Chapel ?
Christ Life Church (Tempe, AZ) ?
Christensen Clyde S Bishop (Tempe, AZ) ?
Christs Family Presbyterian (Tempe, AZ) Presbyterian ?
Church of Christ-Tempe (Tempe, AZ) ?
Church of Pentecost (Tempe, AZ) ?
Church of The Epiphany (Tempe, AZ) ?
Church of The Resurrection Roman Catholic Parish Tempe (Tempe, AZ) Catholic ?
Church On Mill (Tempe, AZ) ?
City in the Desert Metro Church (Tempe, AZ) ?
Clint Rogers Ministries (Tempe, AZ) ?
Community Christian Church (Tempe, AZ) ?
Community Christian Church Disciples of Christ (Tempe, AZ) ?
Crosspoint Church of God (Tempe, AZ) ?
Crossroads Community Church (Tempe, AZ) ?
Crosswalk Christian Church (Tempe, AZ) ?
Dayspring New Age Community Church (Tempe, AZ) ?
Desert Cross Lutheran Church (Tempe, AZ) Lutheran ?
Desert Palm United Church of Christ (Tempe, AZ) United Church of Christ ?
Desert Rose L B Fellowship (Tempe, AZ) ?
Door Christian Fellowship (Tempe, AZ) ?
East Valley Assembly of God (Tempe, AZ) Assemblies of God ?
Eastvalley Assembly of God (Tempe, AZ) Assemblies of God ?
Emmanuel EV Lutheran Church (Tempe, AZ) Lutheran ?
Evangelical Fomosan Church of Phoenix (Tempe, AZ) ?
Faith Center West Family Church (Tempe, AZ) ?
Faith Evangelical Free Church (Tempe, AZ) Evangelical Free Church ?
Faithful Word Baptist Church (Tempe, AZ) Baptist ?
Faithful Word Baptist Church 2 (Tempe, AZ) Baptist ?
Fil-Am Baptist Church (Tempe, AZ) Baptist ?
First Baptist Church of Tempe (Tempe, AZ) Baptist ?
First Christian Church of Tempe (Tempe, AZ) ?
First Congregational Church of Tempe (Tempe, AZ) ?
First United Methodist Church of Tempe (Tempe, AZ) United Methodist Church ?
Friends Meeting of Tempe (Tempe, AZ) ?
Gethsemane Lutheran Church (Tempe, AZ) Lutheran ?
Gods Way Temple (Tempe, AZ) ?
Grace Baptist Church (Tempe, AZ)
Grace Community Christian School (Tempe, AZ) ?
Grace Life Fellowship (Tempe, AZ) ?
Greater Phoenix Chinese (Tempe, AZ) ?
Greg Wilson Fc (Tempe, AZ) ?
Healing Waters Ministries (Tempe, AZ) ?
Hollingsworth Peter J Bishop (Tempe, AZ) ?
Holy Spirit Church (Tempe, AZ) ?
Huellmantel and Affiliates (Tempe, AZ) ?
In Touch Mission International (Tempe, AZ) ?
King of Glory Lutheran Church (Tempe, AZ) Lutheran ?
Korean Global Mission Church of Arizona (Tempe, AZ) ?
Lakeshore Bible Church (Tempe, AZ) ?
Lakeshore Bible Church of God (Tempe, AZ) ?
Landmark Apostolic Church (Tempe, AZ) Pentecostal ?
Landmark Apostolic Church 2 (Tempe, AZ) Pentecostal ?
Lee Barton Rabbi (Tempe, AZ) ?
Living Christ Fellowship (Tempe, AZ) ?
Living Faith Anglican Church (Tempe, AZ) Church of England ?
Living Hope Baptist Church (Tempe, AZ) Baptist ?
McElrath Stanley (Tempe, AZ) ?
Mission Del Sol Presbyterian Church (Tempe, AZ) Presbyterian ?
Newman Center At Asu (Tempe, AZ) ?
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Roman Catholic Church (Tempe, AZ) Catholic ?
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Roman Catholic Parish Tempe (Tempe, AZ) Catholic ?
Palace of Praise Ministries (Tempe, AZ) ?
Praxis Church (Tempe, AZ) ?
Praxis Church 2 (Tempe, AZ) ?
Redemption Ministries (Tempe, AZ) ?
Resurrection Church (Tempe, AZ) ?
Rock Church Tabernacle (Tempe, AZ)
Saint Margaret Church (Tempe, AZ) ?
Sheffield Richard Bishop (Tempe, AZ) ?
Smith Farrell M Stake President (Tempe, AZ) ?
So McClintock Baptist Church (Tempe, AZ) Baptist ?
Sonrise Faith Community Center (Tempe, AZ) ?
Sonrise Faith Community Church (Tempe, AZ) ?
Southside Baptist Church of Tempe (Tempe, AZ) Baptist ?
Southwest Bible Fellowship (Tempe, AZ) ?
St Augustine’s Episcopal Parish (Tempe, AZ) Episcopal ?
St James Church Episcopal (Tempe, AZ) Episcopal ?
Tempe Christian Church (Tempe, AZ) ?
Tempe Church of Christ (Tempe, AZ) ?
Tempe Church of The Nazarene (Tempe, AZ) Church of the Nazarene ?
Tempe Korean Methodist Church (Tempe, AZ) Methodist ?
Tempe Seventh-Day Adventist Church (Tempe, AZ) ?
Tempe Wesleyan Church (Tempe, AZ) ?
The Church of the Epiphany (Tempe, AZ) ?
Third Day Harvest (Tempe, AZ) ?
Tri-City Alliance Church (Tempe, AZ) ?
Tri-City Baptist Church (Tempe, AZ) Baptist ?
Trinity Center of New Thought (Tempe, AZ)
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