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Aberdeen Evangelical Mennonite (Winnipeg, MB) Mennonites ?
Abundant Life Baptist Church (Winnipeg, MB) Baptist ?
Abundant Life Lutheran Church (Winnipeg, MB) Lutheran ?
Agape Chapel (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Albright Church (Winnipeg, MB) ?
All Saints Church (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Amazing Grace Ministry (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Anglican Fellowship of Prayer (Winnipeg, MB) Church of England ?
Arlington Street Gospel Chapel (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Armenian Apos Church of Winnipeg (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Assinboia-Charleswood Church (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Assiniboia Christian Ctr (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Assiniboia-Charleswood Community Church (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Assiniboine Pentecostal Church (Winnipeg, MB) Pentecostal ?
Assiniboine Pentecostal Church 2 (Winnipeg, MB) Pentecostal ?
Association of Christian Churches in Manitoba (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Atlantic-Garden City United Church (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Avant Ministries Canada (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Berean Baptist Church (Winnipeg, MB) Baptist ?
Bethel Baptist Church (Winnipeg, MB) Baptist ?
Bethel Community Church (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Bethel Mennonite Church (Winnipeg, MB) Mennonites ?
Bethel Tabernacle United Pentecostal Church (Winnipeg, MB) Pentecostal ?
Bethelehem Aboriginal FLSHP (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Bethesda Church (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Bethlehem Aboriginal (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Bethlehem United Church of Jesus Christ Apostolic (Winnipeg, MB) Pentecostal ?
Bible Church of God (Winnipeg, MB, Canada)
Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church (Winnipeg, MB) Catholic ?
Blessed Sacrament Parish (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Blessed Virgin Mary Church (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Blessings Community Church (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Braeside Evangelical Mennonite Church (Winnipeg, MB) Mennonites ?
Bread of Life Ministry (Winnipeg, MB, Canada)
Bridges for Peace (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Broadway Disciples United (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Broadway First Baptist Church (Winnipeg, MB) Baptist ?
Callsbeck Fellowship Chapel (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Calvary Temple (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Calvin Presbyterian Church (Winnipeg, MB) Presbyterian ?
Canada Winnipeg Mission (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Canadian Bible Society (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Canadian Reformed Church (Winnipeg, MB) Reformed ?
Canadian Reformed Church-Redeemer (Winnipeg, MB) Reformed ?
Celestial Church of Christ (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Central Baptist Church (Winnipeg, MB, Canada)
Centre Chretien (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Charleswood Mennonite Church (Winnipeg, MB) Mennonites ?
Charleswood United Church (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Chief Cornerstone Church (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Chief Cornerstone Pentecostal (Winnipeg, MB) Pentecostal ?
Chinese Mennonite Brethren Church (Winnipeg, MB) Mennonites ?
Chinese United Church of Winnipeg (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Christ Apostolic Church (Winnipeg, MB) Pentecostal ?
Christ Church (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Christ Lutheran Church (Winnipeg, MB) Lutheran ?
Christ the King Church (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Christ the King Family Church (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Christ the King Ukrainian Catholic Church (Winnipeg, MB) Catholic ?
Christian Family Ctr (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Christian Fellowship Chapel (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Christian Life Assembly (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Church of God (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Church of God of Prophecy (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Church of the Good Shepherd (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Church of the Living Hope (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Church of the Nazarene (Winnipeg, MB) Church of the Nazarene ?
Church of the Open Door (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Church of the Rock (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Church of the Way (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Churchill Park United Church (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Community Christian Church-Churches of Christ (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Community of Christ (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Consistory of Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada (Winnipeg, MB) Orthodox ?
Cornerstone Alliance Church (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Cornerstone Baptist Church (Winnipeg, MB) Baptist ?
Cornerstone Community Church (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Covenant Christian Reformed Church (Winnipeg, MB) Christian Reformed Church ?
Crescent Fort Rouge United Church (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Crestview Fellowship (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Crestview Park Free Methodist Church (Winnipeg, MB) Methodist ?
Crestview United Church (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Croatian Catholic Church St Nicholas Tavelich (Winnipeg, MB) Catholic ?
Crossroads Mennonite Brethren Church (Winnipeg, MB) Mennonites ?
Dakota Community Church (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Deliverance Ctr (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Douglas Mennonite Church (Winnipeg, MB) Mennonites ?
East Kildonan Baptist Church (Winnipeg, MB) Baptist ?
Eglise Communautaire de la Riviere-Rouge (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Eglise Sacre-Coeur (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Elim Chapel (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Elmwood Community Reformed Church (Winnipeg, MB) Reformed ?
Elmwood Mennonite Brethren Church (Winnipeg, MB) Mennonites ?
Emmanuel United Pentecostal Church (Winnipeg, MB) Pentecostal ?
Epiphany Lutheran Church (Winnipeg, MB) Lutheran ?
Ethiopian Orthodox Church (Winnipeg, MB) Orthodox ?
Evangel Chapel (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Evangelical Covenant Church (Winnipeg, MB) ?
Evangelical Lutheran Church (Winnipeg, MB) Lutheran ?
Exchange Community Church (Winnipeg, MB) ?
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